I had seen the OMBRE BLOOM collection whilst on a previous visit to PANICO’s but, it wasn’t on my radar as one to choose and make something with. I loved the idea of the gradients, but I personally tend to stay away from anything ‘flowery’. So, when I visited Carl at the PANICO’S stand at the Spring Festival in Harrogate and asked him what he would like me to review next, what did he say? Ombre Bloom!

MODA have a range of Ombre fabrics and the Ombre Bloom collection was designed by Vanessa Christenson. The blooms found on her fabric are from her garden inspired pretty parfait hydrangeas and made into a sun print. There are 32 colours ranges available and PANICO’S have many of them in stock now.

The range of colours is amazing too. The different shades or blues, greens, pinks, oranges, red, purples … and more in gradients from very light to very deep colour across the yardage. Just look at how that gradient changes …. beautiful.

This fabric is 100% cotton and, in true Moda tradition, it is high quality cotton and excellent to work with. A good clean cut is achieved with either a rotary cutter or scissors and it kept its shape well during the sewing process.

Ironing/pressing produces a crisp finish, even after washing. I know this as Morgan the Springer Spaniel managed, yet again, to find a piece and chew it! So, I cut another strip and decided to hand wash Morgan’s piece. It held well during the washing and drying process and ironed like a dream, keeping its shape too. Big tick there for Moda fabric.

So … what to make with this gorgeous fabric. For the next few days I researched to find something to show the fabric off to its best.

Eventually I found a free pattern by Andover called Solstice -Turning Points and decided this was the best one to show off how the gradients could work using a ‘half’ log cabin method (probably not a correct quilting term but it fits the bill for me). Plus, this hit two buttons for me. One, for me to try a new pattern and two, something different for you all out there to try if not already done so. This pattern is suitable for an advanced beginner.


If you have trouble finding it from the link, search for Andover Free patterns in your web browser and in the Search for Fabric Group’s Name box, type Solstice to bring up the free pattern.

To complete the pattern I used 7 different Ombre Bloom colourways for the blocks and 4 more in the borders [the number of ‘block’s for each colour are shown below]. For the corner and settings/infill pieces I used John Louden’s Flutter collection in white from my own stash – also purchased from PANICO’S.

I have given you the measurements from the pattern to make the blocks, but I slightly adjusted the measurements of the blocks I made to suit its intended destination for Our Quilty Pleasures chosen community project. I also veered from the pattern for the borders too. That’s the beauty of quilting – you can improvise with borders and piece sizes as long as you are consistent throughout!

Hopefully I have simplified the pattern instructions for use with this fabric – here goes….

Before cutting the Ombre Bloom take a moment to look at the colour gradient and think about how you are going to cut it.

For each fabric colourway block you will need:

[1] 4½” x 4½” square – (using the palest section – X)

[1] 2” x 4½” strip – (using the middle section Y)

[1] 2” x 6” strip – (using the middle section Y)

[1] 2½” x 6” strip – (using the deep colour section Z)

[1] 2½” x 8” strip- (using the deep colour section Z)

Plus sashing for each block from Fabric H

[1] 1½” x 8” strip

[1] 1½” x 9” strip

I always start by cutting out and making up one ‘sample’ block to see how it looks. So, take the 4½” x 4½” square and start constructing your block as shown below using ¼” seams.

Press as you go.

Using a ¼” seam add the white sashing to 2 sides of the block as shown below.

Repeat for all remaining blocks to make 31 in total. Tip: try chain stitching starting with the square and first strip, then PRESS. Repeat for each strip – much quicker!

PRESS and square up – there was very little trimming on this to square up so that was a bonus.

Using Fabric H cut 3 squares 14½” x 14½” Cut in half diagonally twice to make 12 quarter square triangles (QSTs), you will only use 10 for this quilt.

Cut 2 more squares at 14” x 14” and cut in half diagonally to make 4 half square triangles (HSTs) for the corners.

(The pattern says 13½” and 13” but the extra helped with squaring up the quilt top later).

Check and arrange the layout shown in the pattern. Pin the HSTs and QSTs in place for the corners and setting/infills at the ends of your ‘diagonal’ lines.

Sew each diagonal row with a ¼” seam making sure the ‘sashed’ side matches the ‘colourway’ block side (see below). Sew the HSTs and QSTs in place with a ¼” seam.

PRESS each diagonal row as you complete it before joining all the diagonal blocks together using a ¼” seam.

PRESS again.

Add borders of your choice, you can either follow the pattern or choose your own design as I did. I added a 2½” wide border of the Ombre Bloom – this was made up of strips 2½” x 7½” joined together. I then added a 2” White ‘Flutter’ strip (fabric H) then another strip of a range of Ombre Bloom cut into 2 ½” wide by 3½” deep across the top and bottom.

PRESS again. Quilt and Bind as desired.

Doesn’t it sparkle. I’m now on with practising my long arm quilting and almost ready to bind it!

I had some leftover fabric and made a Log Cabin block to go towards our Community quilt – the colours look super together! So easy to make using 1½” strips and such economical use of the fabric too!

I really enjoyed making this quilt and it made me look at the fabric differently. It just goes to show that fabric can look very different made up than on the roll too.

Why not have a go at making your own and post or share some pictures on UKQU social media, my twitter account @quiltsewgo and not forgetting PANICO’S facebook group https://www.facebook.com/panicosfabrics/

So finally … a huge thank you to PANICO’S for supplying this beautiful fabric, giving me the opportunity to review Moda’s Ombre Bloom. Also thank you to UKQU.co.uk too.

Head off to PANICO’S if you are in or around the Stockton-on-Tees area and check out their facebook page. Better still check out our UKQU shop for details of how you can order this and more through their online store.

Happy Sewing Everyone

Carol L

Twitter: @quiltsewgo