We all know that we can’t always put pictures of cats and dogs on, or even near, finished quilts or goodness gracious sleeping on sewing machines, quilt sandwiches, disrupting cut out bits on the floor, because the pictures are frowned on or banned on most of the major worldwide FB quilting groups or online forums.

Babies on quilts get equally frowned on too on most quilting social media platforms. Personally I think pictures of our own grandchildren are actually private, and any pictures of them are for our family & their friends only, whether on a quilt or not, but that is my decision which I know both my step daughters value & respect me for. Quilt minus baby fine, but quilt plus baby is not “mine” to share in public without anyone’s express permission. But here are a couple of quilts and a wall hanging that I have made for our grand children, minus babies of course 🙂

Riley Blake “Rocket Age” Quilt
Makower “Jungle” Quilt
RJR Fabrics “Welcome to my World Alien” by Sue Marsh. Wall Hanging
RJR Fabrics “Welcome to my World Alien” by Sue Marsh. Wall Hanging

Back to Quilts being the Fourth Emergency Service. I have a neighbour who is a retained part time firefighter, and in the early hours of the morning I heard a kerfuffle in the street. It was my neighbour rushing from the local retained fire station with two big first aid kits. His wife was in labour and it was too late to get her to hospital. The ambulance then arrived & I dashed home and grabbed the only finished new quilt I had in the house, a beautiful Moda Coral under the Sea design backed with a pale green fleece so they had something the wrap the baby in when it arrived. Isn’t that normal behaviour for a Quilter at 3am, special emergency delivery for a delivery in progress?


Moda “Coral Under the Sea ” by Stacy Iest Hsu’s. Quilt, with fleece back  
Moda  “Coral Under the Sea” by Stacy Iest Hsu’s 

The baby was born safely, delivered by a proud father on the bedroom floor. He said a few days later that this meant that he thought he might now be exempt from any Fire Brigade first aid training on emergency childbirth! However I had got one thing wrong, Sebastian was definitely not a girl, and there was a bit too much pink in the emergency gift. I had a rummage in my stash and found some beautiful fabric by Annie Downs called “About a Boy”, which was gratefully received a few days later, and I got to have a cuddle & squidge of Sebastian’s little baby feet.

Annie Downs “About A Boy”
Back of Annie Downs “About a Boy” Quilt

A few days later the proud new mother came round with the original quilt which she had laundered & the fantastic news that her husband had now been accepted as a full time firefighter at the main Oxford Fire Station. The original quilt did not go to waste however, it was used to raise funds at a Community Farm that we camp at for the Cropredy Music Festival. One lady in particular was really desperate to win it, and kept coming back to see when the draw was taking place. She and her partner are both very disabled and she thought it would be perfect for her motorised wheelchair. Well she won the quilt and literally screamed with delight when she found out she had won it!

Coming next time…..  Part 2 ….. Babies on Quilts…. We’ve all got “THAT” friend!


  1. Denise Inkson

    That’s great. Although not a quilt my daughter had seen a mini plush (a large BMW logo made one) and she wanted to win it. It was labelled I think prize seven or eight in the raffle. We were at a mini (as in cars) event and at that time that’s all she talked about (Aspergers). Well. The raffle was drawn, we won first prize (a very large hamper, it was lovely). One look at Kira knew I had to ask to swap that prize for the mini. The guy behind the stall said he could not but another guy who had been manning the stall all day had said Kira had kept going back to it, just like the lady. And said as we were giving up the first prize for a lower prize there was no problem. One happy little girl. We then went one to win a later price. A meal for a family of four at a pub. A good day round. Don’t you just love fate.

    1. Teresa Barrow Post author

      Denise, the right things happen to the right people for all the right reasons. Sadly this is not all the time, but when it does it’s magic! I was actually quite prepared to make her an identical one & post it later, if she hadn’t won, because she was so lovely and appreciated the work that had gone into it.

    1. Teresa Barrow Post author

      Awww thanks Pauline Hindley, you are very kind. This is the 1st in a series of 5 Blogs, the other 4 coming soon & all called “Controversial? Moi?” .… They feature Babies, That Friend, That Friend Again, Cats Dogs and Ducks, & lastly Kittens! If you use the magnifying glass in the top right and put in ‘ Teresa Barrow ‘ in the search function, you will be able to find me again, should you be brave enough!