This summer we bought half a static caravan – our daughter and her family own the other half.   Despite comments from friends about which side was ours we have already had some fantastic weekends away both with and without the Grandchildren helping Granma and Grandad enjoy them.  Our little haven of relaxation is set up in Yorkshire, under a canopy of Oak trees ..  with the apt name of ‘Acorn Falls’.    The first thing we forgot to consider .. the soft thud of acorns falling on the roof this time of year!    But we have views across open fields from one side and a pretty little fishing lake from the other, well at least some of it!

Of course, my first thought, after the joy of the kids, was sewing on the go.   The agreement we have with our daughter is to share the use of the caravan, which means often having the pleasure of our two young grandchildren.   You can’t beat the warm glow a little two year old brings when they snuggle up, sleepy-eyed, first thing in the morning.   The youngest was prepared for the first journey … I am not sure what this might mean in terms of our driving skills though.

After the first couple of visits together we decided that having the grandchildren there is wonderful, it really is, and the walks around the site are great, but that the wrestling of the youngest into the highchair in the restaurant, when she wants to sit next to her older brother, isn’t so good.  The screams of annoyance could probably empty the room [and those are from her, not me or her Mum and Dad].     We decided that we would take the next weekend on our own, and I began to gather my sewing together – sewing machine, project and everything I needed.   Well, I thought I did.

We had planned a three-day visit, and I made it quite clear one day was mine, all mine, to sew and relax and complete at least one of the blocks from the Abbie Searle Mystery Quilt, Rubies and Cream.  Except mine will be Blues and Tangerines, which is just as well as it matches the decor of the Caravan.    Perfect .. I hoped.  Whilst I remember, Rubies and Cream and the other lovely Mystery Quilt .. A Colourful Outlook on Life .. are still available from the website shop.   Give them a go.  I am trying both and loving them, but am terribly far behind!

I have two sewing machines, and three more and another one.  It doesn’t sound that many when you put it that way.  The other one is my very first machine.  A New Home, bought as a 21st Birthday Present, and is currently not working, but I can’t bear to part with it.   The three more are Singer vintage machines that keep turning up in the boot of my car!   How amazing is that!   They need work, but they are my retirement project eventually.    The two I can actually use are my smaller Janome 6125, which is lightweight [if I use a little trolley] and perfect to take to the Sewing Group I belong to .. Our Quilty Pleasures .. and my fabulous Janome 8200QCP, which is my go-to machine.  I love it.   I decided, since Hubby was there to lift the heavy beast, I would take the big Janome.    I dashed home from work and we put everything into the car and in just over the hour were enjoying a cup of tea with the last of the Sunset, just outside York.  Perfect.

Friday we wandered about the site and went out for tea.   Saturday was going to be my day for sewing, so I set up the machine.  Oh, for goodness sake, the bobbin cover was missing — that little plastic bit that stops you getting the fabric tangled up with the bobbin.  Ah well, never mind, if I sew carefully then I can manage.  So I decided to use the 1/4 inch foot to make sure the seams continued to be even .. which was at home with the 6125.   This is now starting to irritate me slightly.   Then I remembered I needed to fix a seam so reached for my ripper .. which was sat at home in the sewing room.   This sewing away lark is not what its cracked up to be, but I had remembered my snips so coped with those and avoided snipping the fabric.  Things were looking up.    One of the blocks in Rubies and Cream is a disappearing Nine Patch, which I tend to need to concentrate to keep a regular pattern.   I laid them out, and discovered I had left half the sections at home.  pfft.    This is not going to plan whatsoever.

What would you have done?  I threw in the towel, packed it all up and we went down the pub.   Ah well.  Maybe next time eh!  Meanwhile, last weekend Chloe and me practiced our selfie pouts!


  1. Sue Burford

    Love the idea of a home away from home. I, too, have two machines and another one. My other was is a Newhome too, had it as a present to myself when I was widowed in 1978. It, too, doesn’t work but it still has pride of place in my workroom. Look forward to hearing more of your tales from the Acorn Falls…… thank you x