It’s recycling week here at UKQU.  And that has forced me to finally do a project that has been in my head for a couple of years.  I knew one day I’d make it, i just hadn’t got around to it.

I love to drink Tea, and of course it has to be Yorkshire Tea.  I probably drink far too much tea.  There’s Breakfast Brew at breakfast, Biscuit Brew at morning break – who knew you could get tea that tastes like tea and biscuits without the calories.  Then it has to be Bedtime Brew by Yorkshire Tea before bed.  Then there’s Yorkshire Gold, and decaffeinated tea, and herbal teas………….Anyway, I digress, lets get back to sewing with a mug of Yorkshire Tea sat on the table next to me.

So, I’ve drank a few hundred cups of Yorkshire Tea, and I’m left with a big bag.  Let’s reuse it, it’s a strong plastic bag, and as we are trying to get away from single use plastic, I’ve turned it into a shopping bag.  And it’s waterproof.


I’m not going to say much about this, as I think it’s self explanatory, but I will add minimal instructions in case you want to make your own, and why wouldn’t you?  🙂

So first of all I cut off all the sealed seams.      Yes, yes, I know I used my rotary cutter on something other than fabric – but it is ready to have the blade replaced.


When you open out the plastic, it’s much easier to clean off the tea dust and dry it.

Next I had to decide on fabric (already in my stash) and thread (again from stash).  I thought the brown went well with the stone walls.

Next thing was to cut the fabric, I used the plastic bag as the pattern, and cut around it.  At this point it was a good idea to tape the plastic down with masking tape to hold it in place.


I decided to fold the edges of the fabric over to the front of the bag, this is when the little roller I’d recently got free with Today’s Quilter came in handy.  I really liked using it, so can see it being used in quite a few projects in the future.  And binding clips were handy for this project as you don’t really want to use pins as they make holes in the plastic.

Then I used a big stitch to secure the plastic to the fabric, ready for sewing the seams.

Once the side seams were sewn, then it was time to turn it through to sew the corners.  I did this by using an erasable pen, and marking where the edges of the plastic were, so I knew where to sew.

With the corners sewn, then you can turn the bag through.  At this point I turned the top of the fabric over the top of the bag and stitched down.

Then lastly I added handles ( webbing I had in my stash ).

And that’s it, you’re done.  One waterproof shopping bag, ready for a big of light shopping.  Don’t forget to buy those Yorkshire Tea bags.

Now if you make one, UKQU would love to know about it, and see a photo of it.  This is just a bit of fun, but useful at the same time.  I will be making another, but next time I’ll be changing how I do the corners.