I had seen these scissors advertised in magazines and then was asked to review them. I have a collection of scissors, small ones, big ones, batting scissors, applique scissors and more, I’m sure that I am not the only quilter who has a collection of scissors!

These Sewline scissors are advertised as for use by both left handed and right handed people and are made in Japan. They are very smooth to cut with, I am right handed and have successfully cut straight lines using them in both my left and right hand, 

I always find that cutting circles is a good way of really testing a pair of scissors, these cut really well using my right hand. Using the left hand was much trickier as it is my non-dominant hand, the scissors performed exceptionally well and did not chew the fabric.

The picture below shows the circles I cut out, the one on the left was cut using the scissors in my left hand and the one on the right were cut with the scissors in my right hand – these photos are very close up.

To date my go to scissors have been Mary Kay Buckley serrated scissors, they cut well and receive good reviews on a number of websites. However I have been so impressed by these scissors I decided to go ahead and treat myself to the boxed set which contains one pair of 5.5″ snippet scissors and one pair of the larger 8″ fabric scissors.