I don’t know about you, but I feel as if I’ve missed spring.  The last time I went driving anywhere, the snowdrops and crocuses were carpeting the green spaces. Then came Covid-19 and I seem to have missed the daffodils. Fortunately, for my spring challenge was Daffodils, now I can have my fill of spring whenever I want.

With all the challenges, I’ve tried to do something different.  There are only so many quilts that can go on display and I like learning new techniques.  When I was given my theme I had so many ideas going through my mind.  Did I do some foundation paper piecing?  Did I do some embroidery?  What about appliqué?  How am I going to finish it?  Will it be a small quilt, or wall hanging, or something else?

Inspiration came in Hobbycraft.  Box frames were reduced in price and I thought I’d make something to go in frame.  I’d use appliqué using hand stitching.  Now all the decisions were made, it was down to getting my daffodil made.

I searched through my fabric scraps for two different yellows, the blue for the background and green for the leaves.  Then, from a simplified drawing of a daffodil, I could cut my individual pieces for layering.  I backed each piece with bondaweb and then layered my piece ready for stitching.

I could have used the machine to stitch my pieces, but I just fancied some slow stitching.  I hand stitched each piece using blanket stitch.  Once each piece was attached, I backed the piece with some cotton wadding.  This is when I stitched the shaping detail on the petals.  The wadding, gave it just a little more depth.  Stitching complete, I washed out the pen marking and allowed it to dry before getting it ready to frame.

Before I could frame my piece, it had to be mounted onto some mount board.  After cutting the mount board to size, I layered it with some cotton wadding for extra padding.  A green border was adding to my mini quilt to allow enough fabric for taking to the rear and to form a frame.  From my picture framing days, I had some strong tape to hold the fabric in place on the rear and I ended up with a lovely padded quilt mounted on board.  This was now ready to mount in the frame.


Now, I have a permanent reminder of spring with a daffodil that will last all year.