UKQU are doing a second mini quilt swap and I have been lucky enough to have been asked to be a Swap Mumma. This involves looking after a group of swappers, helping and guiding them and offering support and reassurance when they are unsure of how to proceed. During the course of both blogging and being a Swap Mumma, I have become friendlier with some of the other contributors, particularly the lovely Rebecca Nevard. Rebecca has often commented on my quilts and said several times that she would like to be in my swap group so that I could make a quilt for her. I take that as a massive complement, but realistically with around 200 members joining in each swap, the chances are literally 200:1 of us ever being paired in a swap.


So… I have taken matters into my own hands. I have discreetly stalked Rebecca over the past few weeks and I think I’ve come up with something she would like. We both love Christmas and I know that she adores her gorgeous Pug, Lola. So this is Lola’s Christmas mini quilt.

I really liked the idea of Christmas presents piled up to look like a Christmas tree. I sketched out a rough design and cut the pieces up, then laid them onto the backing fabric.  I cut out the presents one by one, checking that the colours and patterns worked together every step of the way.

I liked the humour of the Crazy Cushions quilt that I had made in the last swap for Sally Dodsworth so instead of a star, I decided to balance a huge bone at the top of the tree and to have Lola standing on her hind legs, leaning against the tree, looking up at it.

Christmas lends itself to all kinds of trimming, glitz and sparkle. I trimmed the presents with ribbons, bows, charms and buttons – with a massive bow ‘tied’ around Lola’s bone.


I don’t know about you, but I find being a member of the UKQU Facebook pages very rewarding. I have made lots of new friends, some virtual and some that live close by. The main Facebook page has led me to join a local quilting group and subsequently join the Quilters’ Guild… something I never imagined I would do.

Being part of the Facebook community has also given me the privilege of becoming more involved in the quilting world – for example, becoming a blogger here and also being encouraged to share my designs by way of making patterns. The pattern for this mini quilt can be found here.

The mini quilt is currently on its way to Rebecca in the post as a (very) early Christmas present. I hope she likes it!