After finishing a big project I usually have another already started but this time for the past three weeks I have had no interest in starting a project. I’ve dug through the ufo items, been to a lovely local quilt show and even been to a local sewing group ( in the school holidays) but nothing has inspired me!

I have embraced the time, tidied the garden and done a few of those dull jobs about house.

This last week has seen me rummage through the ufo box but passed everything in there. I’m really looking forward to the festival of quilts but I’m enjoying not having a quilt to finish to a deadline.

I have looked around my house and noticed that I don’t have a quilt on my own bed, this has troubled me over the last week, so I’m looking around what I have started and at the patterns in the ufo pile to find that spark to make myself a quilt!

Whilst at the Spalding quilt show I visited Hannah’s room and found fabric for the edges of the twilight silhouettes I’ve been wanting to get on with. I have ironed the images onto the fabric but they are hanging in the spare room. Hopefully this is a passing phase, I finally have my weekends back to myself so I’m going to relax. You never know the World Cup football might encourage me to get my sewing machine out! I enjoyed a workshop with Hannah’s room this was simply explained and great fun.

Whilst at Spalding I signed up to a ten month block of the month and I’m feeling excited that block one will arrive soon! I’m hoping this will be my spark, I’m so excited for that to arrive!

I have tidied my stash, it’s all neatly folded and in boxes depending on size.

I have recently purchased a set of parrs rulers for my machine as I fancy a play, I feel slightly more inspired to start playing with these! I will be sewing again soon x