I was lucky enough to go to the Sydney Quilt Show and meet Sharon Bradley who was demonstrating her new product ‘fusamat’. I’d seen the product advertised but was a little unclear on how it worked. So I stopped for a demo.

Well, firstly, what is it? It’s a see-through mat that you can press directly onto.

Secondly, how do you use it? Because it is see through, you can put your pattern behind the mat. You prepare your fusible pieces as normal and remove the paper backing, Then arrange the applique pieces onto the fusamat.

This was the bit I hadn’t quite understood until I saw it demonstrated. You can remove all of your paper from your applique templates and even when you press it, it won’t stick to the mat. How about that! So what happens when you press is that all the overlaps fuse but the fusible on the very back doesn’t get destroyed and you get one whole item ready to fuse onto your background.

Now, here is my little person, and you can see I can pick up the whole thing in one go: the hands, shoes, neck, head, hair and clothes are all fused into one item. There was no residue left on the fusamat: the fusible just lifted off it, no problem.

The next step is to iron onto the background, blanket stitch and then sew in the details of the face. There was no problem with the fusible. It ironed perfectly onto my background and it was very easy to have everything perfectly placed because of the pattern underneath the fusamat. You can see (because I bought one) that I was pretty impressed with the product and I can see its going to make fusible applique a lot more fun in the future.

Have a look at Sharon’s site for fusamat. It really is a great product and I think will become a must-have item. I’m certainly really happy about mine.