Trying to bring structure to our garden toys and to ensure all sets are together, I decided to make some simple fabric bags to store everything in. As a result, here is another stash busting idea.

A few of our garden toys


  • Scrap fabric of suitable size for the contents
  • Cotton ribbon / tape

Making the bags

  • Measure your toys
  • Cut two pieces of fabric, adding 3″ at the top, to allow for the hem and tying
  • Place the fabric right sides together.
  • Insert the tie, folded halfway, 3″ down from the top of the bag
  • Sew along three sides, ensuring you sew the tie in place, leaving the top open

The little red tab is the folded part of the tie

  • If you didn’t use an overlocker (serger), zigzag the seam allowances
  • Fold the top down 1cm, and again another 1cm, so the raw edge is covered.
  • Top stitch in place
  • Turn bag right side out
  • Press and the bag is done
The bags are super fast to make and you can easily make a few in an afternoon

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