I’ve been quilting since 1992, after seeing wonderful quilts made by friends and neighbours when I worked in Japan, and stitching sashiko since New Year 2000.  Although my background is originally in Fine Art and stage design, I’ve had several changes of career direction and started designing and teaching patchwork, quilting and sashiko in 2001.  Many quilts, bags and other projects later (including more than a dozen books), my stitching has taken me all over the world and I’ve met thousands of very interesting and artistic people, through quilt shows and textile groups.  I love the social aspect of the textile world, as well as the creativity!  I was born in England, spent most of my adult life in Wales and now live in Scotland.  Travel and textiles just seem to go hand in hand.

My textile interests include sashiko, boro, kimono (I Learned how to tailor kimono in my neighbour’s shop in Japan), British quilting history and traditions, hand and machine quilting, hand applique, insanely detailed piecing and improvisational patchwork, among other things.  Recent projects include an appearance on Sewing Quarter TV and the fifth year of my 8 and 10 session sashiko courses.

I’m very excited about the scope of the new UK Quilters United website and plan to be blogging here (as well as keeping up with my main blog, which has been running for over 10 years now).


  1. Jelse

    Sadly although I have purchased fabrics, thread, etc as well as your wonderful book, I have yet to find the time to do more than a very brief attempt at sashiko. Enjoyed watching you on TV too and hope to read more from your blog soon.