I wish I could regale you with tales of adventure and excitement, alas that is not to be. For those that were following my mystery block blog, I have not forgotten you or the project. It has been five months since I blogged.

March was exciting with a trip of a lifetime to Venice with one of my best friends. However, upon returning I discovered my father had brain and lung cancer, from May onwards things became a blur. He got a kidney infection and passed away in May.

Shorty after that I ended up in Accident and Emergency and was very ill. I am now under investigation for Crohns disease. I have been in pain, unable to sit, unable to sew, unable to read and just able to sleep. It does not help as I already try to manage with a lifelong painful condition.

Not to worry though, as I was well enough to travel by coach to the Festival of Quilts, no photos as this quilt show covers three halls and six hours in not long enough to walk round and give the quilts the attention they deserve, especially if disabled. With 3000 quilts on display plus the traders and workshops, I would recommend at least two days there. I apologise to the quilt makers, as some we were only able to glance as we rushed past.

More good news followed, my daughter after three years of trying finally got the golden mark in English – the mark the government said all children have to obtain regardless of disability, a C or in the new grading system a 4 – to take the courses she wanted to take at college. Therefore, in September she goes back to college, I finally have space at home again after nearly three months of her being there bored and stuck in her room.

Space is a premium in our house, not just in terms of the physical space but in mindfulness as well. When housebound, like I have been that luxury is very hard to obtain.

I attend a fortnightly Stitch’N’Meet group in a local cafe, this has been a Godsend. It has allowed me the time and space to regroup and focus again, not just on the medical issues, and not on the family sagas and issues that have plagued us over those five months. It has allowed me to focus on me, the most important person in my world.

We can often be caught up in the traps of: Parenthood, Cook, Cleaner, Domesticated slave, Main provider and bank of. We can take ourselves for granted and not value the person we are. Easier said than done, I know after 46 years I am still working on taking care of me.