Early one morning as I was cleaning my teeth and after replacing my tube of toothpaste onto the sink, the wonder clip shouted ‘blog’!

What got this blog off the ground!

I have these little clips, in various colours dotted all around the house and used in all manner of locations. Once I had a bit of time and my toothpaste reminding me both morning and night about the blog looming, I eventually got around to hunting where I’d used these clips in the house.

Only 3 and tidy for a change
Knitting bag and yarn label 
One of the best uses – notes from the grandchildren

From keeping my knitting needle in place on my little DAB radio, acting as an ariel due to accidently snapping off, to adding photos to the wooden grandchildren hanging in my hall and my Jack Daniels scissor keeper entwinned with just 3 tape measures at the time of photographing! Keeping my machine duster where I know I can find it, the wire to my glue gun tidy to keeping my yarn labels tidy and handy in my knitting bag, these little wonders are all over the place!

Ensuring the knitting needle gives a good reception
Adding more to the original peg
My machine duster exactly where I can find it.

This little exercise also got me locating where they had been used in work, from keeping the ends of bias, trims, ribbons all neat and tidy to fixing decopatch papers to the rails, to keeping the bobbin and thread together again they are cropping up in the most unexpected places.

Just a few locations found at the time of photographing and writing and I’m sure more will pop up into sight once this has been published.

Who else and where else have these little clips been used apart from what we all bought them for………………….fabric!!