Since last Friday we are on the road again, DH and I. We flew from Schiphol to Phoenix, got a car and drove into our holidays…

This trip will last almost 4 weeks, and it’s our 11th trip to the States. We will visit Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and maybe a little Utah. Texas is a new one; our 35th State!

We are addicted to holidays in America since 2003. We got married in Las Vegas…

I quilt for about 8 years now. Before that I looked in every town for X-masshops, but no more of that..

Now it’s quiltshops off course… In almost every town they have one.

Since I am on the Facebook page from the Kaffe Fasset Collective, I am friends with a lot of American quilters. And every year I meet some of them face to face!

It adds a tremendous amount of joy to travelling, these meetings.

Sometimes we stay over at friends houses, sometimes we have dinner or just have some fun days together.

This time we met a Kaffefriend in the Cactus Quilt Shop in Tucson! What a joy to meet Kathryn Berry in real life!

Later on we will meet BJ in Santa Fé and I am so looking forward to that!

Although I love to drive, I love it even more to sew or embroider on the road. We travel about 4000 kilometres every year here so we spend quite a lot of time in the car. I do it on the plane too.

Right now I am working on a piece for the end presentation from my art quilt classes.

For that presentation I make 2 pieces who belong together.  They are both rooted in one specific text that is very close to my heart: its a text from Song of Songs from the Bible, which says: “Love is as strong as dead”.

One piece is done. That’s the part for dead. Now I work on the love-part. The part that tells to celebrate life and love.

This one has to be ready in August. I prepared it the week ahead of our trip. The underground, my embroideryring, fabrics to appliqué, one bag with Kaffe, batiks and Moda Grunge, one with silks, one with shinies and see through fabrics. And one bag with yarn.

And off course a lot of different needles; for all the different yarns….

Here’s a detailed picture…

I will work top-down, large flowers on the top, and smaller on the bottom.

While travelling my work develops, inspired by the text, by what I see on the road, what I feel in my soul, and what I experience and think. 

As soon as I pick up my working bag filled with all the goodies, I get instantly happy. Btw the bag was gifted to me last year, made for me by my sweet friend Shane.


I love how Facebook and internet connects us. It inspires me to have all these creative people around me.

It makes me so happy.