Philip lives and works between residences in London and the beautiful Dorset coast. He finds a lot of his inspiration in the natural world around us. This blog has been written using Philip’s own words …..

This new Spring 2018 collection by Snow Leopard Designs was inspired by the art and culture of the 1920s. Also known as the “Jazz Age” it was a decade of great social change with a vibrant cultural scene where Jazz, Art Deco and distinctive fashions and dances flourished. It followed a time of great austerity and hardship but was driven by great new energy and technological discoveries in areas such as: aviation, the cinema, automobiles and communication.

The designs in the Roaring Twenties collection were are developed from designs in my textile archive, some were English, others French and some even from Japan. All were from the 1920s period.

Video featuring Philip Jacobs talking about his Roaring Twenties collection

Floral Bough was taken from an English cotton woodblock printed document. In repainting it I brought the motifs much closer together, to produce a denser design more suitable for quilting.

Floral Bough


Peony and Leaves as portrayed in the header pic was developed from what I think was a French paper gouache textile design. In my artwork I tried to be faithful to the original colours.

Sabu with Floral Bough and Peony & Leaves 

Whirling Dervish

Whirling Dervish was developed from a velvet document of the period that I think was originally intended as clothing. It was not in repeat so I developed it into s repeating textile design to give an all over effect.







Jazz was another 1920s velvet design from my archive. I painted up at a much larger scale, but it was reduced by FreeSpirit to play the role of the small design in the collection.




Charleston is a lovely English 1920s linen document that I bought in as I thought it would work so well as the tonal design in the group, and from a distance in a quilt can play the role of solid colour.



Bamboo Stripe

Bamboo Stripe is taken from a lovely little Japanese woodblock print that I have in my collection. Originally it would have been intended as a design for Kimono fabric in 1920s Japan. 




Valentino is another lovely 1920s Japanese woodblock print, portraying small primula flowers and leaves in a tight repeat, producing a really classic small floral design.

Sabu with Valentino and Floral Bough

Finally the colourways were developed in collaboration with Jenna Bost at FreeSpirit and the result was the sizzling intensity of colour that I had been after for this collection.


“The Roaring Twenties” Collection by Snow Leopard Designs seeks to capture this same spirit of energy and vibrancy in both design and colour. The designs have been carefully painted and developed from original floral and geometric textile documents of the period stored in the Snow Leopard Archive and will bring this same optimistic and vibrant energy to your homes and craft projects. I would like to thank both Jenna Bost and Debbie Driscoll Stark for their help with colouration and production

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Written by Philip Jacobs and edited by Marilyn Merrilees

Photos by Philip Jacobs & Marilyn Merrilees