It is possible my sewing journey could be on hold. I have been given an opportunity to I improve my professional development. It’s an intense three to four month course to become a hlta, a higher level teaching assistant. My friend has manage to arrange a couple of workshops on Saturdays to ensure I get a break.

I have spent the last few weeks finishing a few projects. For Christmas I was given a House of Zandra felt dragon kit. I was putting it off as I’ve never made a toy before, at foq I had a lovely chat to the stall order and designer and she put me at ease. I followed her tips of breaking it up into chunks of work. He came together very well, my son has tried to pinch him several times. I’m currently putting together a grey version for him. I highly recommend these kits, they are hand sewn, a lovely project to do sat in front of the tv of an evening. I have my eye on the cat kit next!

Over the summer break I visited London, I convinced my family to walk a two mile detour to Liberty whilst there. My partner and eleven yr old took one look at the front and decided to go eat whilst I walked around. It was beautiful inside, way out of my budget but as a treat I brought half a meter of fabric to make myself a ncw with. The service lady was lovely made me feel welcome with my £12 purchase. The quilts on display over the banister were beautiful, I was amazed how close you could get to them.

I was going to sign up to the mini swap this year, I spent time at shows looking at minis, read books and spent hours on Pinterest to gain ideas for a mini. Unfortunately this opportunity at work means I will not be able to give a mini my full attention and make the best piece I could. I feel this is not fair on a swap partner, so I am lurking this year.