Juliet and I started UK Quilters United four years ago and what was once a group with just the two of us and ‘some random’ people we’d met online, has now grown into a group with over 14,000 members in the United Kingdom and beyond. We have also more than a dozen related groups and as of the beginning of this year we now have the UKQU website, Yeah! None of this would have been possible without our amazing co-admins and bloggers. Considering that we all do this in our spare time, is quite a feat, wouldn’t you agree?

The quilt below was posted by me (Nina) in a global quilt group on Facebook, Juliet spotted it, we sent a few messages on Messenger and the Facebook group UK Quilters United was created that very day.


UK Quilters United is your online quilt group

We like to think of UK Quilters United as an online quilt group, which is forever open and where there is always a helping hand available, no matter what time you log into the group. Some of our members have met in real life – either at quilt shows or when starting up new local quilt groups after finding each other online.

In our main group on Facebook, we encourage you to share what you are working on as well as finished quilts, patterns you like and useful tutorials (but be aware of copyright issues!), and ask for help with your work. To make it clear we are not just interested in patchwork and quilting, but other textile crafts are allowed too, e.g. bags, aprons and occasional teddies, plus related humorous cartoons and poems.

As with all quilts groups, as we get to know each other, the topics drift away from pure quilting and we like to talk about more personal things, or the weather. As a result, we set up the UKQU Social group. This is the group where you can share and talk about everything which is not quilting related, including those proud Granny moments or the pets inspecting the quilt you are working on.

All our Facebook groups have a search function, please do use it! Many questions have been answered before. Also, as the website grows, many of the frequently asked questions will be added to the Hints & Tips section. The website also has a Product Review section, where you may be able to find many answers.

What is where?

It’ll still take some time to let everything bed in, and get us all used to what information can be found where, and what subjects are covered where. In my mind it works like this;

  • UK Quilters United (Facebook) – sharing our love for quilting, asking for help, finding inspiration and learning new things
  • UKQU Social (Facebook) – all the social chat that isn’t quilting related
  • ukqu.co.uk – the online website with blogs by other quilters, hints & tips, product reviews, regular competitions, free patterns, retail therapy in the online shop or retailer directory and much more.

Make your own UKQU logo using the free FPP and appliqué patterns available to download from my online shop

To keep UK Quilters United an amazing virtual quilt group, please try to stick to our three golden rules:

  • There are no Quilt Police in UK Quilters United
  • There are no silly questions
  • There is always more than one way of doing something

and remember:

  • Stop pointing out your errors and instead enjoy the praise; you are amazing!
  • If you don’t have anything nice to say, please just scroll on past
  • Share what you have made, rather than what you have bought
  • We stay away from politics, religion, and legal issues such as copyright

Our first business card, created for The Festival of Quilts in 2014

Thank you for being part of making UKQU amazing.

Any feedback please make contact.

Nina x