This is a fat quarter friendly way of quickly and easily making reusable gift bags, as an alternative to gift wrapping paper.  I made some of these at Christmas to try them out and have no hesitation in asking for the bag back if the recipient isn’t going to reuse it themselves.  I made three bags from two fat quarters. They are not beautifully finished because I don’t think they need to be to serve the purpose.  I will probably freshen them up between uses with a quick press, rather than washing them.


  1. make about a half inch hem on the long side of one FQ (fat quarter), and on both shorter sides of the other.

2.  Fold right sides together so the hemmed edge is together.  Sew down the raw edges, avoiding the hemmed portion,  and neaten edge with a zigzag if you wish. (The piece with 2 hemmed edges will be cut to make two smaller bags).

3.  Cut the piece with two hemmed edges into two bags.  They don’t have to be the same size. I cut one piece about 8.5 inches along and that left the other at a bit over 10 inches.


4 . Sew the remaining raw edges of these two smaller bags

5.  Trim away the hemmed edge as shown.  I haven’t done any neatening of this raw edge but you could use fraycheck or a little bit of pva glue on the edges to seal them if you wished.

6.  Thread cord, ribbon or tape through the hemmed edge.  I use a safety pin to guide it through.

7.  Tie cords with a simple overhand knot – stretch open the bag first so you can see how much cord is needed to fully open the bag, then you can tie It off fairly close

8.  Turn right side out, and they are ready to use, and reuse, and use again….