Who else has problems with their machine foot pedal walking all over the floor? Do you, like me, start with it in a lovely comfortable easy to use position and whether on carpet, tiles or wood floor, by the time you finish your project you realize you are quite the contortionist in reaching the foot pedal and getting it to work the machine! That pesky foot pedal will travel the world given half the chance with you trying to control it all the time working to create your next make

I have the answer to all our prayers, a very quick make, less than an hour if you are not too fussy in the finish, after all it’s going to live on the floor with the foot pedal on it and being stepped on every time you go near it, it’ll get covered in dust and thread and you will most likely use up some old fabric that you don’t mind seeing on the floor! It’ll be one of the quickest, easiest and cheapest makes you will tackle and the floor is where it will belong once you’ve finished.


1 x Anti slip mat (can be found in the pound shops)

44” x 2.5” strip of fabric for Bias7” x 1” wadding

Thread, machine and all cutting paraphernalia

Method (click here for a download pdf version)

Cut a piece of the anti-slip mat 8” x 6”

Iron the bias strip in half (wrong sides together

With a 7” piece cut off the bias place the wadding in the centre, fold over a small hem on both edges and overlay and stitch down the length. Cut down to a 6.5” length when finished (I’ll call this the foot brake)

Place the foot brake 2” down from the top placing edge to edge either end; this will give you a little rise in the centre. Place the raw edges of the bias to the edge of the anti-slip mat and stitch all the way around following your normal method, joining and enclosing the whole thing

Turn and attach the bias to the other side, this can be done either by hand or machine. I machined for quickness

Once completed place on the floor and it is now all ready to have your machine foot pedal placed on the top. The foot pedal brake is there just to stop it from going off the end of the mat.


    1. Sharon Reid Post author

      Thanks Sue, since making one a few years ago I’ve never used my foot without it. If you buy the nonslip from a charity shop you usually get a pack of two, one of these when cut will make 9 !! I did this one during a group and was able to give them all a piece of the nonslip to go home and make their own. A nice quick, cheap make. x