A busy Saturday and there are a couple of prominent dates looming and this definitely shows in what items are being bought. Not only do I get to serve these crafters I also get to hear all about what they are going to be doing with their purchases and here, following is a snippet of sales, conversations and requests in my day:

2 fat quarters, pompoms and buttons to an 8 year old girl who had received a sewing machine the day before for her birthday and out shopping with her grandmother.

Tulle for mum to adorn a headband for her daughter to wear to a Halloween party later in the day.

Fabric for the son-in-law of a lady who comes quilting and who I spoke to on the phone to ensure he was buying the correct stuff, this was bought with some velvet ribbon, tape and cord, to make him a rush job for and evening Halloween party to wear as a superhero cape.

A charm pack of assorted batiks to be turned into a cushion for a nieces 30th birthday.

Fabric outer, lining, tone on tone and wadding for a grandmother to make for her first 2 recent grandchildren that arrived within 3 weeks of each other and dead chuffed and excited about it all too.

A telephone call to discuss left handed scissors.

Being asked to help in the choice of solid colour to go with some patchwork produced from a handbag.

Purple pompoms to attach to a door toran already made and waiting adornment.

A small piece of grey and white fabric to put across the window above the door to replace the old bit of net inherited from the previous house owner.

Gold bias binding to go around the advent calendar made in the hope it would look ok as it was thought she had cut it too close to the pockets for comfort.

Hessian to make a stocking for a new grandchild and to match the ones previously made, this being and unexpected grandchild having thought they had all arrived and wouldn’t be needing to make anymore.

Lining fabric and solid purple fabric to make a Halloween cape (another one)!

2 packs of machine needles all in one size, the customer struggles to find these close to her home, she wants them to use at work where she makes dance outfits ‘Come Dancing’ style for teenagers.

An Erica Knight knitting book, unfortunately the lady had lent out the original and never got it back, having to re-buy. As she stated, lesson learned, not to lend out her expensive books.

3 buttons to a lady who says she has a button fetish, her description not mine!

Explaining to a customer how to use the bias she had bought elsewhere in the grand scheme of repairing her bag that broke when she fell over.

A xmas fat quarter pack, with no idea what is going to be made with it.

A large popper for a bag closure.

An ask into curtain alterations.

Could I recommend where to go for lunch?

Do I know of someone who can service a machine?

Spotting a treadle machine in the shop and telling me all about the one their mother/grandmother had, this 3 times this day.

A visit from a lady who wants to come along to the quilting group with questions on what to bring along with her.

A fat quarter bundle of the new range in that I was just cutting up, with the customer unsure if she will make something with it or give to her friend as a present.

A visit from the local café with a soup for my lunch!

Velvet ribbon to put around a jam jar of flowers.

Fabric galore to a lady who had travelled down for the day to meet up with friends.

Christmas quarters to a lady who wanted to know where she could park on her next visit as she doesn’t know the area and was lucky to find a spot on the side of the road for an hour.

Fabric to a lovely lady who has had a terrible time with a rogue builder and is just getting everything back into order after two years and has her machine set up in a room and treating herself to fabric to go and loose herself sewing when she gets home.

Advise on the sale wool given.

A telephone call about card machines.

All this behind the counter in Sew Vintage, Wells.

And, I loved every minute of it!!


    1. Sharon Reid Post author

      You can easily spend the day in Wells Lin, it’s a great place to visit with the added bonus of the shop!! You will see either myself Jules (owner) or Sarah when you visit. You will have to mention you seen and read this to whoever serves you. Hoping you will find plenty of goodies too!