Welcome to my UKQU world…

Four years ago I made a Facebook group to fill a void. A void where quilters sewed alone, we needed to moan about rising cotton prices and find out which fabric shops are still going. So I made UK Quilters United – a Facebook group to do all that and so much more. Most importantly I wanted this group to be in the outer-net, not just the internet! After four years of exponential growth we have over 13’000 members from the UK and beyond, sharing their work, questions and knowledge but also participating in swaps of fabric, hexies, postcards, quilts – we try and do it all. We’re bringing people together in new local groups, meet-ups at festivals, finding local friends to sew with, that’s what it’s all about. It’s been a fantastic journey so far and now the journey is getting even more exciting.

Which brings us to here – a new website

UKQU.co.uk is in partnership with the group, to bring UK suppliers and services together in one place and build a whole new dimension to quilting in the United Kingdom. I can’t tell you all of the amazing things that we have planned but over the months and years we hope to go from strength to strength and provide everyone with unique ideas and a chance for everyone to be seen and heard.

And I get to blog! I haven’t always been a quilter, but I’ve always sewn and tried as many crafts as possible, though perhaps I should really have named my blog ‘Never finishes anything’. My UFO (Un-Finished Object) pile is mountain-sized and consists of quilts, clothes and random things like a polystyrene dolphin only half covered in sequins. There’s a half-done painting behind my sofa. Perhaps with your encouragement I can finish some things to tell you about? One I really would like to finish is this top I started in Feb 2017. It’s a Craftsy kit and I made the top and a small panel for the back and then put it in one of my giant sandwich bags (I’m addicted to them) and put it in a box. With the rest of the tops. I definitely prefer piecing the tops to the actual quilting. I’m trying though and have recently mastered free-motion quilting with invisible thread. Well I’ve mastered the getting it to work bit, the actual style leaves a lot to be desired…

Only being a  year-old UFO is pretty good though, my favourite quilt is one I made the top of over a decade ago. It’s a Laurel Burch design in flannel fabric and it’s amazing. Through the Facebook group, the lovely Joé Bennison quilted it for me and even did the binding! Ten years in a sandwich bag and finally it’s a real quilt. If I don’t get the orange quilt finished I’ll tell you all about Laurel Burch instead, she’s one of my favourite artists and I have a few of her original quilt kits.

Quilting is an amazing (albeit expensive) hobby and I’m very proud to have brought so many quilters together. I’d love for you to come join us and be part of the UKQU world. You can find the group on Facebook, search for UK Quilters United and be part of the largest quilting community in the UK xxx


  1. Ami Richards

    These tops are fantastic Juliet, you must finish them when you can. And thank you for starting up this site in time for when I began my quilting journey, it’s been a treasure trove of information, advice and the wow factor for me.

  2. Mo Jones

    Great intro Juliet, yes you have lots to finish, I know I have seen the boxes lol. Looking forward to your next one. The website is such a good resource centre for us all.
    It is great to see your dream is coming true, through you I have found some amazing friends, which includes you at the top.