How to make a greeting card (without much skill, time, fabric or a fancy machine)


This is a card I made in a couple of hours from start to finish and, if I can do it, then sew can you!

This design might be good for a new home, and you can use the basic technique for any other small picture.

First cut a rectangle of card twice the width that you want your final greeting card to be. Mine is 5″ square so I cut a rectangle 5×10″

Score the fold line and fold it carefully.

Unfold and cut out the window for your design, mine is a 3″ square. Measure it carefully, use a set square to check it and then cut out carefully with a craft knife. You can use the cut out as a template for your batting.

Cut a piece of pelmet vilene to be just smaller than the card, and cut a piece of batting to be a tiny bit smaller than the window.

Fix the batting to the vilene with a small amount of fabric glue. I use the stiff vilene because it makes the stitching more stable and more easily maneuverable in the machine.

Now take a square of your background fabric, mine is 4×4″, and pin this on the top of your little quilt sandwich.

I drew the design straight onto the fabric with a Frexion pen, but you could plan it out on paper if you prefer. Now play around with your tiny scraps until you’re happy, again a very small drop of fabric glue held the houses in place whilst I sewed them on by the windows. I’m not worried about the raw edge because I think it adds to the design and it won’t be getting any wear and tear like a proper quilt.

As can see I added a few straight stitches in a contrasting thread for the windows and doors. I used the Frexion pen to help me, and it disappeared later when I pressed it.  Then I zigzagged the roofs on and sewed the chimneys straight onto the background using a wide but close zigzag, like satin stitch.

Now cut the foreground and pin in place. I did this freehand and kept trimming until I was happy.

I changed the thread to green so it looks more like grass, then zigzagged over the raw edge, turning around at the end and going back over it so that the stitching shows up well.

The final touch was a few hand sewn flowers, just using small straight stitches of green and pink. Then sew all around the edge of the background square onto the vilene. This makes the picture puff out a little.

Now use double sided sticky tape to fix the front of the vilene square to the back of your card window.

And finish in the same way with a piece of card cut just fractionally smaller than the card front. I used a contrasting colour so that you can see it, but I think it looks better if you use the same colour.

I can see a couple of imperfections, but I think they give this little card some character. Please let me know if you enjoyed my post and if you make a card, I’d love to see it.

Happy sewing xx