Perfect for a beginner, this little mug rug will be finished in no time.

Start with some colourful scraps; I’m using some 2.5″ squares of Liberty fabric, each cut into 4, approximately 1.25″ square.

Choose a plain(ish) piece for your background, about 5×7″, a piece of any wadding, and a piece of backing fabric.

Arrange the bright little squares in rows. You can use a little fabric glue if you like, or pin in place.

Use a bright contrasting thread to quilt your sandwich together, using any design you like. A straight “square spiral” that catches most of the raw edges works well and is very quick.

Square up and trim to size, mine is 6×4″.

Prepare some binding, 1.5″ wide, and around 24″ long, depending on the size of your mug rug. Press it in half longways before attaching to the front with a scant quarter inch seam, or even narrower if you can.

Fold your corners just like you would for a larger item.

Turn the binding to the back and hand sew in place with slip stitch.

The finished mug rug, an easy gift for a new quilter. Here is a slightly smaller one with a light coloured background:

It’s quick, cheap and easy; ideal for a beginner to practice using a walking foot with, and to practice binding. Don’t forget to put the kettle on and open the biscuits!