Hello everyone…Miriam here.

I’m an Architect turned stay-at-home wife and mother to two beautiful girls and a baby boy.

I live in Africa, in a country with no culture or history of quilting, quilt shops, guilds or workshops, but somehow I fell in love with quilts and quilting and after months of drooling over the beautiful creations I saw on the internet and social media, I bit the bullet and made my first. I armed myself with just my pair of scissors, pins and sewing machine (remember, no Quilt shops to purchase basic tools like rotary cutters and cutting mats) and made my first quilt that is still a family favourite, although it was a frustrating and long process, it was totally rewarding and I became hooked!

I quilt using only African prints (Ankara); like our culture, our fabrics are bold and vibrant and they infuse my quilts with the irrepressible exuberance and bold colors of my continent. 

I run an online store selling precut African prints and also host an African prints fabrics quilt Challenge twice a year, to encourage other quilters to try something new and push the boundaries of their creativity. 

I’ll be sharing with you my stories as an African woman born, bred, living and quilting in Africa and how my culture inspires my quilting. I’ll also be sharing every now and then, bits of my life, so you have an idea what the regular African woman does (smile). My local neighborhood markets are just about 15 minutes away, I hope you will enjoy the occasional fabric shopping trips to see my fabric selection process from the wide varieties of African fabrics.

I look forward to taking you on my quilting journey as I share the challenges, wins and excitement of being an African quilter in Africa.