On UK Quilters United (Facebook Group) we have members asking what kind of quilt would suit a boy/man.. I saw this and thought it would be a quick and easy one to do, for a beginner to more advanced quilter. It is a take on the Jelly Rolls race quilt that was popular a couple of years ago.

I used one Jelly Roll, the one I used was a Moda called Dapper of Luke, which I purchased from The Sewing Studio in Redruth, and from my stash I used some plain red and some Spraytime red, as my accent colour, as I did not have enough of just one fabric. From your accent colour you will need approximately 2.1/2″ x 4.1/2″ rectangles.( Some Jelly Rolls have different amount of strips, you will need one less then the number of strips in your roll).

It is important to use the jelly roll as it unrolls, it might be easier for you to trim off the selvages before you start, I did, remembering to keep them in order. Take the first jelly roll strip and cut 15″ off, then to one end sew an accent colour rectangle, by placing it like the picture below. Then mark a 45 degree line from the bottom right corner. then sew from the top left down to bottom right.

Being a complete novice to blogging, I forgot to take a photo of the next stage. so here goes me trying to explain the next stage without a pic.

Flip the rectangle over so the right side is up and it looks like the picture below. Lay your next jelly roll strip right side down on the unsewn end of the rectangle, at right angles so the long end of the strip is at the top. draw another 45 degree line from bottom of the top strip to where the accent meets the strip at the top right hand corner, then sew a long that line. continue adding accent regtangle and stips in the same way.

You will end up with a pile of strips joined by your accent colour like the picture below. Now you will need to trim off the spare fabric on the triangles you have sewn and press to the jelly roll side on each one.

Now find the start and and end of your long strip, and sew together right sides facing. When you have sewn the first row stop just before the fold and cut  along the fold, and finish sewing to the end. Be careful here and do try not to get them twisted like I did in the picture below.


Continue to join by finding the two ends by putting right side together the same way until you have the size you require.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope enjoy making this easy quilt.