I treated myself to this pattern after managing to offload a bit of my stash on the UKQU Facebook Classifieds page. Santa kindly brought me Aneela’s book for Christmas and I love the patterns in it so this added very nicely to my collection. I have tried a couple of the patterns already, the zip tray (reviewed here) and the See it All Pouch so this was my third ‘Hoey’ project.

Reading through the pattern, the steps looked detailed but clear and after pulling some fabric from the cupboard I got started on the cutting. There are quite a number of pieces and it took a while for me to decide which fabric I would use for which piece but I soon had a plan and got everything prepared.

I hadn’t sewn with vinyl before and didn’t know how my machine (Janome XL601) would take to it but it handled it like a champ. There was no sticking and I had the pockets ready quite quickly. With the multiple layers I found putting in the top zip a little tricky, I’ll be honest, I did have to get the stitch ripper out, but sewn a second time I was happy enough. With the zip in I checked on how it was looking. I somehow managed to end up with the outer just a touch bigger than the lining so I do have a little pinch in the bottom, but it’s placed where it won’t been seen. I’ll certainly double check this part next time around.

Next to add the binding strips before adding the end pieces. With clear instructions this was straightforward enough. I struggled to sew the bottom edge of the end gussets by machine but I don’t mind a little hand sewing so it was in place before too long.

Binding on and end gussets in.

With all the machine work done I grabbed a large handful of binder clips and folded the binding into place. It didn’t take too long to finish off and I have to say I’m really pleased with how it turned out. The pouch is roomy enough for a weekend away and would be ideal to take filled with sewing supplies to a retreat or sew in afternoon. I’m really happy with the fabric placement too, it really works well.

All in all this is quite an intensive project and easily takes a good couple of hours. The pouch would make a lovely gift for someone close but might be a bit too time consuming for a more casual gift. It would be very easy to adapt to having a single vinyl pocket or even no pockets at all for a more simple pouch that would be much quicker to make. It’s a great pattern to have in my collection and I’m sure I’ll get quite a lot of use out of it. 


Would you like to make one? The wonderful folks over at Olive and Flo Handcraft have very generously donated two copies of the pattern for me to giveaway! For your first chance to win, please pop a comment below and a winner will be chosen at random. You can also gain a second entry if you head over to the UKQU Instagram page where you will find all the details you need to enter again. The giveaway will end at 7pm on 10th March and both winners will be contacted shortly after. All UKQU standard competition rules will apply.

Olive and Flo Handcraft have copies of the pattern available here should you be eager to make your own and have also put together some handy project kits with all the supplies you need ready to go. You can check them out here!

Aneela Hoey has designed multiple collections for Moda Fabrics and has also produced two fabric ranges for Could 9 fabrics. She has written two books, Little Stitches and Stitched Sewing Organisers and has a ranges of PDF patterns for sewing accessories and pouches on her website.



  1. Ingrid Papaphilippopoulos

    I haven’t made a bag or a pouch yet but only a day or so ago I was thinking I would really like to have a go at making one. I’m unusually nervous about it (for me) but they are just such useful things aren’t they. Will defo have to overcome any anxieties and just have a go 🙂 Thank you so much for your blog Amy x