I view myself as a beginner quilter, I sew when I can as I have a busy family and work life this seems to limit my sewing time. I have an enthusiastic friend who encourages me to join in sew alongs. I find these very convenient as I can do a little often but I am limited to big time consuming projects.

There are some amazing sew alongs I have taken part in on Facebook, I have learnt to insert zips, appliqué and how to machine around the appliqué. I say I have learnt to sew around appliqué, this is very debatable as I get nervous that I will mess up.

Recently we embarked upon a sew along from the Quilted Turtle, an in and out quilt. This was a five week project so I thought it would be do able, (there were a few late nights involved). I chose the fabrics, marked them out then began to sew an endless number of half square triangles. Then before you know it I have a quilt top complete. I have added borders and this quilt will be my sisters wedding present, in needs to be completed by June time! I’m also thinking of making some cushions to match including their names and wedding dates. Any other ideas are very welcome!

Thoroughout this sew alongs prizes are offered if people can keep up and send in photos of progress, to my complete surprise I won a prize. I need to believe in myself a bit more, I did say in my first blog that I was going to enter the mini swap on Facebook run by ukqu, but I cannot complete a task like that until the school holidays in the summer. Please have a go at some of these sew alongs, they are great fun.