Do you have lots of WIPs, PHDs or UFOs? If you’re not sure what these are take a look at Juliet’s post here. If you know what they are and have lots then read on ….

One way to get motivated to get them finished is to join a finish-along. The first one I joined was the Finish-A-Long, although there are many more around. The basic premise is you make a list of all your unfinished projects and then you plan to finish them, or at least make progress on them, within a certain time frame. By joining in an online event such as this not only do you get motivation and encouragement to finish your projects but you also get to build your community at the same time.

A challenge quilt for my local club’s 25th Anniversary Show – silver of course

Like many of us quilters I am a prolific starter of projects – the thrill of the pattern, pulling the fabric from stash or shopping for just the right fabric, the first cut – all of this grabs me. Sometimes I can work through a project from start to finish but, more often than not, it gets shelved somewhere along the line. It’s not such a bad thing because I have lots of things to choose from when I want to sew and for someone like me with a low boredom threshold this can be a bonus. However, there is a fine line which, when crossed, makes these projects sometimes feel like millstones around your neck.

Blocks from a Travelling Quilt Bee I was part of in 2016/17 – more on this in a later post

For me there is something about publically stating my intentions that made me actually finish some of my long term projects, and the chance of winning a prize also helps! The other benefit for me is that each quarter I have a good sort through my studio and assess all my ongoing projects. Sometimes it is just good to know what are on those shelves! Has it be rolled over from one quarter to the next several times? If so, I then make the decision as to whether I still like it or not and if I realise I do not like it any more that’s OK. Sometimes it is passed on to someone else who does like it, sometimes the material is repurposed and once, and only once, something was thrown in the bin!! It’s amazing how much clearer my head can become when I let go of long standing unfinished projects. For the most part I do still love my various WIPs and UFOs and I know I will be so happy when they are finished.

Maybe I will be early for Christmas this year (as opposed to two years late!)

As I mentioned earlier, I like to work on various projects at the same time and so have a rather long list for Quarter 1 in 2018, click here to see my list. Some people only put 3 – 4 projects on their list, which is eminently more achievable than 25-30! And, of course, there are sometime projects that are started and finished within the quarter which never make it onto my list.

So how is this quarter looking in reality? Not so good on the finishes but then we have had two months of various illnesses in our house and I have been doing customer quilts. However, I reckon there will be a handful of finishes by the end of March. In fact just having to write this post has spurred me on and I have three projects very close to finishing and two more just needing to have the binding put on.

Just the binding to do ….

This quilt is on my list and was also part of Stash Bee. For more information about Quilting Bees, head over to Nina’s post here. I love that so many people were involved in the making of the blocks and the variety of fabrics is something I could never have managed from my own stash. I took the blocks away on my first retreat last year and so there is also the aspect of piecing the top whilst in the great company of other quilters.

I still have 4 weeks left so hope to get at least 10 ticked off my list – I will update you in April so if you want to know how I did then you can pop back.

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  1. Karen McIlwraith

    Great blog, Abigail. Lovely to see the Stash Bee quilt finished – that’s such wonderful riot of colour and pattern! We all need some motivation to clear those UFOs! Looking forward to seeing your progress next quarter. The Hathaway Exhibition last weekend was my motivator – talk about just in time Xx

  2. Ingrid Papaphilippopoulos

    Loved your blog Abigail I’m a great starter of things (head just brimming over with ideas, and defo a bit out of control lol) and in an ideal world I would finish it provided life didn’t get in my way!!! It does though, of course I’ve signed up to catch your blogs too. X