About twenty years ago I was actively involved with the Quilters’ Guild Young Quilters group. Tidying up recently I came across a couple of (handwritten) projects we did with our local Young Quilters during the Easter holidays some time in the 1990s.

One year we made Easter Bunnies – we had two patterns, one from the YQ Magazine which was a stuffed rabbit – a great hit as you can see with a couple of our YQs – and the other was based on a simple block with ears and embroidery (or buttons and beads) added to turn the block into an animal. We had drawings of all shapes and sizes of ears to make dogs or cats (short, pointy ears), rabbits (long floppy ears) and even a comb as someone wanted to make a hen (there’s always one!); we also ended up with a pig. I do wish I had photos of all these creations but sadly either I never had the time or else they have long since vanished.

I have rewritten the instructions for the simple block rabbit on the computer this time and added it as a free download to my shop. If you have a Young Quilter (or potential YQ) in your family you can download the pattern here. You can make it up into a cushion or a small quilt – instructions for both are included.

A few years earlier we had made little baskets. They were based on a quilt block but somewhat simplified. The idea was that they could be made as a straightforward block and then flowers, Easter eggs, or whatever took their fancy could be appliqued onto the background (hoorah for Bondaweb). As an alternative though the basket part could be lined so it formed a pocket on the block and then anything they wanted could be tucked inside – such as mini eggs, or small toys.

A very miniature version of the block was also made as a basket for the Tooth Fairy to leave her 10p in when she collected the fallen tooth (I don’t suppose it’s 10p that’s left anymore). I managed to find two photos from this workshop, one of which shows me finishing off someone’s mini Tooth Fairy basket while everyone else is busy gathering around Emma whose birthday it was and she was giving out party bags – far more interesting than finishing off their baskets. I suspect it was my daughter’s basket I’m finishing, and she is the tiny tot investigating a party bag just behind me – how time flies!

Again, I have rewritten this workshop as a proper pattern to make a basket cushion with pocket and you can download it for your Young Quilters here. And, again, it is free.

Enjoy your Easter holidays, happy sewing – and I look forward to seeing a few finished projects on Facebook soon. Of course you can always make them yourself whether or not you have a Young Quilter to share the pattern with.