This month we are looking at Three basic utility stitches on your Sewing Machine that can be used for Machine Quilting. There are others but I thought three was a good starting point.

Machine Stitches You Can Use For Quilting

Here is a link to my Easy Strippy Cushion where I use this method with the Blanket Stitch length made bigger.

So first a quick word about my favourite type of Walking Foot.

I like to use an Open Toed Walking Foot, that is the one on the left in the picture below. 

Can you see it is cut away at the front? This gives me a really good view of my work as I am stitching.

Open Toed Walking Foot

The first Stitch is the Blind Hem Stitch.

I found on my machine the default setting for this stitch works well as a Quilt In The Ditch Stitch. See the sewn out sample at the top of this page.

Below is a picture of what this stitch looks like on my sewing machine. It is stitch number 9 in this picture.

Blind Hem Stitch Quilting

Below is my personal favourite. The Three Step Zig Zag Stitch. This utility stitch is designed for stitching stretchy fabrics. But if you make the stitch length longer it makes a really quick and effective Quilting Stitch.

In the picture below the bottom view is how the stitch looks originally, with the stitch length of 0.5. Then the top two show how it looks when the stitch lengh is made longer. Top left stitch length 4.00 and top right stitch length 2.00. You can see this stitch sewn on the sample at the top of the page.

The third, below is for joining fluffy fabrics together (Top left in picture below)

But when the stitch is lengthened it creates a lovely Quilting Stitch.

Top right stitch length 2.25 and bottom stitch length 3.00. This stitch has an original length of 0.70.

Again you can see this stitched out on the sample at the top of the page.


Click on the link to see my little Video Demo I’ve made on how I altered these three stitches ready for Quilting.

Now, go play, Sew, have fun, give them a try. 

And let me know I’d how you get on.