We asked Sandra Pearson why she entered the quilt competition here and this is what she said, in her own words with comments from some of her friends too:

I have been asked to talk here on the web site a bit about entering the Quilting competitions.

This one won a ribbon:

Our quilt groups, sometimes run competitions within the groups which is a great way to stretch your knowledge take your self out of your comfort zone. I find this a great way of pushing myself to experiment and try different methods from whole cloth quilting, applique, patchworking, Thread Painting. All are valid avenues for practice. Entering, these challenges can let you see your improvements over time. When I first joined the group, I found the challenges on the website competition page and thought wow, a reason to quilt ( not that I need one ), a subject to think about, a great challenge.Also, it was one a month for 6 months, fabulous!

It was great to see all the entries and the different interpretations of the theme. It was also fabulous that members voted and made it a real competition. The suppliers also came up trumps and donated prizes each month with each one supported by Grosvenor Shows.

The top 2 quilts each month would get a chance to show their creation at the Grosvenor Shows, starting with the Great Northern Quilt Show in Harrogate .. for six shows altogether!

I really enjoyed creating ths one:

This leaves me to find out why other people enter shows. THE BEST reason to enter is that you love to quilt and love others to see your creations, to see how far you have come, to share a particular quilt that you loved making, to see how you measure against other quilters, or to get a professional review of your work. Entering motivates you to complete projects. It pushes all of us to get something completely finished, including the binding, label and sleeve. You will take your quilting more seriously and fix any work that is not your best. Entering a quilt show can make you a better quilter.

All of our quilts are beautiful and it is good to share. When your quilt is hanging in a show, it is an opportunity to see your work against other like-minded people. It lets you see how you can change something you do and learn new things that make quilts stand out. It is also exciting to see your work hanging for all to see.

Without people entering the quilt competitions there would not be any shows. That would really be a shame!

I also asked a few of my friends that have entered and achieved awards from the USA (the home of quilting I’d say)! They have gladly offered insights as to why they enter shows.

Carol Olson

When I enter a quilt it is really to celebrate my feeling of accomplishment. It may be a difficult pattern or very detailed quilting itself that I want to share. I design most of my own patterns so there isn’t usually several of a popular pattern hanging as well. Another great reason to enter quilt shows with your work is to showcase a new technique, like when Irena Bluhm hit the scene with her coloured quilts. Nobody was doing that technique and it spread like wildfire. I also improve my quilting with the judge’s comments. I like talking to people who have lots of questions about ruler work and showcasing designs that look difficult but aren’t. And of course, it is always a thrill to hang another ribbon on the wall in the studio.

Quilt shows are an excellent way to see what’s new in the quilting world. From machines, styles, techniques and don’t forget all the new gadgets you can find entering a quilt show makes me feel more a part of it 😎.

Why I Enter Quilts In Shows by Shirley Fowlkes Stevenson.

I have a competitive nature and have a degree in Art Education and started making quilts and quilted garments in 1980. A saw a sign at a church in my neighbourhood that said Quilt Show so I stopped to see the quilts at an early Dallas Quilt Guild Show and knew it was the art form for me. I made my first quilt in 1980 and am still quilting. I love to share my creations and knowledge with others and encourage them to find a creative outlet. I have always liked to enter shows and learn from judges comments, other quilters’ art, etc. In the past, I have received many ribbons including several Best of Shows which will probably never happen again because of all of the talented quilters today. I am glad for them and am still making quilts because it makes me happy. I published patterns for my pattern line, Color Me Patterns, for 20 years and designed quilted garment, craft and home dec patterns for Vogue and Butterick Pattern Catalogues for about 10 years before I retired. Creating art, no matter which medium you choose is fantastic Happy Therapy!

Jeanne Harrison

Very simple…if no one entered, there be no quilt shows. I find it an honour to have my quilts accepted into shows with fantastic national and international entrants. Winning a ribbon is not my goal but it is a thrill and added bonus!

Lastly, the reason I entered my first show 2017 was to see how far I had come in 2yrs, to see my quilt hanging next to other accomplished quilters.

It gave me the thrill to see it there, and even more so when I achieved a ribbon. I was excited beyond words. I will continue to enter regardless of my placing, to support the shows and challenges, to keep my knowledge growing and most of all having fun.

have made great friends through quilting, it is the joy in my life. Entering challenges on this group and others I am in plus shows, challenges my mind and makes me at peace.

I hope you all enter the remaining UKQU competitions if you haven’t already, or continue if you have. Have lots of fun and share.


  1. Veneta Hawkins

    Very interesting and although I don’t quilt myself (YET) I thoroughly enjoy going to the shows and am amazed by the talent, thought and passion that goes into every quilt.
    Keep up the lovely work everyone can appreciate every stitch.