Hi Everyone

When Sylvia first spoke to me about designing a block of the month for the UKQU website, I was immediately sure that I would make a foundation pieced quilt, I had stars in my head and each one was going to be more challenging than the previous.

Well, that didn’t happen, within a couple of days I had completely changed the plan and decided I would make an appliqué quilt instead, I had no idea what I would do, but once I had decided on appliqué there was no changing my mind.

As usual I procrastinated for several weeks, but nothing was popping into my head, that’s quite normal for me though, so I wasn’t concerned at this point. I knew that eventually I would get some inspiration.

I sat down with a blank sheet of A4 paper and started to doodle shapes, none were very appealing, so I started another sheet, this time I started doodling hearts, some were complete some were partial, I then started adding some simple flowers, and then I realised this was it. Hearts and flowers was going to be the theme for the quilt. I filled the page with doodles and then started to flesh them out on paper. I may have used half a tree in the process – I promise to plant another in the garden to make up for it…..

This is where it all began

I had agreed to make this a nine block quilt with borders, but eventually after several days of procrastination I had twelve designs to choose from, I made the final selection, and in the process merged two blocks into one, and then I was off.

I’ll tell you a little more about the blocks and the thoughts behind them as we go along,

The fabrics I selected are the Bijoux range from Makower, they are lovely fabrics to work with and the colours worked really well in the quilt. I have also constructed the blocks using batiks, but this one is still a work in progress

Bijoux Fabrics by Makower

I have tried to make the block construction as simple as possible, and have included video instruction for each block. This in itself was a completely new experience for me. Lots of silly grins in the first video, but hopefully they improve as I get more used to it. I usually shy away from a camera, but I have to admit, my husband I had lots of fun in the making of the videos, Brian took his role as cameraman and director quite seriously, but I think he managed to cut out some of my facial expressions when he started telling me what I needed to say or do. Needless to say there are lots of outtakes, some of which my grandchildren have thoroughly enjoyed seeing, and now they can’t wait to see the rest.

One thing I knew I wanted to do was make the quilt flow, I didn’t want the appearance of a block quilt, I had always intended to add Dragonflies and butterflies to the blocks so decided I’d use them to disguise the seams and have them flutter across the quilt. Most of the blocks will have them added as we go along and the remainder will be added when the top is completed.

I hope you might want to join me in making ‘Connie’s Flower Garden’ and that you’ll enjoy making it as much as I have enjoyed designing and making it.

Connie’s Flower Garden

As to the stars, well,  maybe another time….

Read the story behind the making of the quilt here

Carol Munro