Hi everyone

Finally after several months of doodling, drawing, cutting, stitching and quilting the quilt is completed and we’re ready to start Block 1. The pattern and accompanying tutorial video is available from the online website shop here, and for those of you who want to purchase the Fabric Pack from Cottonpatch direct its available here.

I created this Applique quilt in memory of my Mum, and I will tell you my story in one of my Blogs later, but for now can I introduce you to Connie’s Flower Garden …


Connie’s Flower Garden

You have no idea how excited I am at the moment, and also very nervous, hoping that everything works the way it’s supposed too. I used to take technology in my stride, but not anymore, it’s progressing much faster than my poor brain can keep up with. It must be an age thing…. I feel so sorry for Sylvia and her team having to deal with my constant questions. They are fantastic and a great help, nothing is ever to much trouble for them.

Even the wildlife think coneflowers are beautiful

I’ve chosen the coneflower as the first block for you to work on. It’s a beautiful flower and comes in so many colours, I love the shape of their heads and the elegance of their long skinny petals. I love to see how they move on a windy day, and we get plenty of those up here in the north east corner of Scotland.

Here’s Block Number 1 available right now in my online shop

The completed coneflower Block with added butterflies and Dragonflies

if you choose to make yours in alternative fabrics to the Bijoux range, you’ll be able to choose any colour for your flowers, possibly even do some fussy cutting. My batik version is a work in progress and isn’t stitched yet. One day….

The batik version of the coneflower, still waiting to be stitched.

I wanted to make this the centre block of the quilt so that I could use the flower in the four corners of the borders and would be balanced. It’s also the only block that is close to being symmetrical, it’s not but, from afar it looks as if it might be.

This is one block which doesn’t have dragonflies or butterflies added at this stage, but these will be added when the quilt top is assembled.

Watch the video and follow the instructions and it should be quite simple, and please get in touch with me if you have any questions.

Until next month, have fun



  1. Avril Collett

    Hi Carol., your BOM is just what I was looking for! My mother died in November 2020 during the lockdown so things were especially difficult, made worse that she lives in Cornwall and I’m 260 miles away!
    Mum loved her flower garden so I shall be quilting along in her memory.
    I note that the link to the fabrics is broken ( its showing the 404 page not available) however I feel sure I will have enough in my stash to do the quilt justice.