I am questioning my sanity, but I have finally made a practice Bargello before I cut up an expensive jelly roll. The thing is I am very impressed with the back of the quilt panel. I followed the instructions to the letter, ironed every single seam in the direction stated. It sits flat, looks tidy and organised. I have recently discovered the quarter inch foot and cannot recommend it enough, it should but on every beginners list of must have items. The front is very dramatic and I am feeling confident that come the summer school holidays I will have time to make one for my son.

I am still quilting my sisters wedding quilt, I’m on a mission with it. I always promise myself I will never put a deadline on a task and I have done it again! I have prepared all the quilting I need to do, I have also attached the appliqué to the cushions I have made to go with the quilt all I have left to do it make a label for the quilt. This project will be finished then I will complete a quilt for myself from my UFO stash. Am I the only quilter who completes projects for others but not myself?



  1. Carolyn Gibbs

    It looks great Sarah – and it all lies flat because you have remembered to press all the seams so that they meet pressed in alternate directions (I wrote about that in one of my blogs!). Doesn’t it make a difference?