Ok so maybe not technically the first thing you think of from a quitling point of view, but many of us are dressmakers too I imagine.   And by the look of things this might be useful for applique too.

New from Vlieseline, Stretchfix is a stretch webbing on a backer paper, ideal for jersey and other stretch fabrics. Because of the high elasticity of this adhesive web, the natural ease of your stretch fabric is maintained and it provides a perfect bond for appliqué and for fusing two fabrics together. Stretchfix is available as a 5m roll (30cms wide), or as a 3cm wide, 5m length tape in a pre-pack.

The Stretchfix Tape (T30) is 3cms wide and provides an easy, effective way to achieve a soft hem in stretchy garments without affecting the appearance of the fabric. RRP £23.00 per 5m, 30cm roll.

For ironing on motifs or laminating two fabrics without losing bond strength then buying a 5m roll width is the best option. Length 5m, width 3cm RRP £4.65 per pack.

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