Vlieseline Bondaweb – is this the best fabric fuser there is!

Vlieseline Bondaweb, the original, renowned brand is still the best and most reliable for fusing two fabrics together. All Vlieseline products are ethically sourced and our high-quality interlinings provide perfect and safe solutions. Be sure to buy the branded product.

Bondaweb is a truly versatile iron-on transfer adhesive, suitable for use on a whole range of materials including fabric, paper and wood. This paper-backed adhesive web makes fusing of fabrics quick and simple. Ideal for motifs, minor patch repairs on garments and for a variety of fashion, soft-furnishing and other creative projects. Not only does it bond fabrics together but also stops raw edges from fraying. Each pack contains one sheet of Bondaweb and full instructions and diagrams.

Size 1.2m x 17.5cm

Use a wool/cotton setting

Ready in 15 seconds

Stops fraying

Suitable for washing (50 degrees) and dry-cleaning

Step by step instructions included in the pack

Always test first

RRP £2.85 per pack approx.

Bondaweb is also available as a tape (T25) which is very handy for attaching decorative ribbon embellishments, fusible bias tapes and for tiffany quilting. It can be used on clothing, accessories, home projects and textile craftwork wherever there is a need to fuse two fabrics together in long, narrow areas. This two-sided iron-on adhesive tape is suitable for almost all fabrics including raffia, card and leather that is able to tolerate the heat of an iron. Fusing takes place at relatively low temperatures but it is always best to test on a scrap of your fabric first. Once fused in place it is washable up to 60° as well as dry cleanable. It is available in three different widths including 6, 10 and 25mm and is sold in packs containing a 5m length. From £3.05 RRP per pack depending on width.

To use, place the tape with the rough side face down on the wrong side of the material (ie; backing paper uppermost) and then press using a dry iron for approx. five seconds. Leave to cool flat. Peel off the backing paper. Place the adhesive side face down on the fabric to be fused. Then using a damp cloth, press with iron for approx. 8-10 seconds over each area until the fusing process is completed. Leave to cool flat.

To find out more about Vlieseline products, please visit; www.vlieseline.com