There’s been several comments lately over on the UK Quilters United FB Group about irons.   This popped into my inbox today and it offers sound advice on how to preserve your iron and ironing board.

There are many ways that build up can occur on your iron and even though it might appear to be clean, if it doesn’t glide smoothly then it’s time to take action. Thanks to the Vlieseline iron cleaner any surface residue can be removed quickly and it’s very easy to use. Just the thing for removing starch, scorch marks and adhesives from your iron, the results are amazing and you only need a low, wool setting for the iron cleaner to work its magic.

By gently rubbing the Iron Cleaner stick over the sole plate it gently dissolves, taking the dirt with it. Within seconds all that is left for you to do is wipe the iron clean with a dry absorbent cloth and clear the vents with a few spurts of steam and your iron is good as new! Used regularly, you can keep your iron in tip-top condition and, at just £3.50 (approx.), the Iron Cleaner will last for numerous applications.

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Handy Tips;

*Protect ironing board with a fabric scrap, place iron on wool setting.

*Hold iron with base positioned almost horizontally to avoid drips as the stick dissolves on contact with heat.

*Run stick back and forth over base plate, allowing the cleaner to dissolve and penetrate for a few seconds before using a clean cotton cloth to remove residue.

*Repeat cleaning process if required, then flush the steam vents to check they are clear.

*Finally, switch off iron, allow to cool, then wipe with damp cotton cloth to ensure it is perfectly clean and ready for use.

We are not recommending any particular brand of iron, and no irons were harmed in the creation of this article