Ensure a smooth finish for machine embroidery, appliqué, monogramming and relief quilting. Vlieseline guards against fabric distortion and slippage to give support and stability wherever you choose to embellish. The following products are tailored to your exact needs.

If you’re looking to use for machine embroidery then you need Fuse-n-tear.

On all fabrics that can be ironed, including stretch fabrics, Fuse-n-Tear is easy to use. It is also an effective way to stabilize fabrics that are going to be printed. With a moderate iron, press Fuse-n-Tear onto the reverse side of fabric. When machine embroidery is completed, gently tear away the surplus Fuse-n-Tear.

Are you aiming to embroider pile fabrics then its Stitch and Tear you are looking for

Stitch n Tear is the stabiliser of choice when machining decorative embellishments on fabrics that can be damaged by ironing such as velvet Simply tack Stitch’n’Tear on wrong side of fabric and when embroidery is completed, tear away any surplus stabiliser, leaving your embellishment smooth, soft and pliable. For the smaller items that always cause a few moments of thought then Filmoplast is just right.

H54 Filmoplast is a self-adhesive stabiliser especially suitable for embellishing items too small for an embroidery hoop (e.g. cuffs, collars and pockets) or too big to be stretched over a hoop (e.g. wall hangings and collages). Filmoplast adheres to the back of the fabric, ensuring a smooth surface for embroidery without distortion. Simply tear away Filmoplast when work is completed. Also perfect for adding decorative finishes to ready-made items such as cushion covers, bags, hats and shirts.

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