A great way of using all those narrow pieces of wadding that you have left over when you are sandwiching a quilt.

My Bowl has a circular base with a diameter of 7inches. But you can make it smaller or larger and elliptical rather than round.

For this Bowl you will need 6 or 7 strips of 2.5inch fabric (a Jelly Roll would be great!) and the same number of 2inch strips of wadding. Make the strips about 4inches longer than the circumference of your base so you can overlap the strips.

You will also need two pieces of fabric to make the base of 7inches plus half inch all round to fold over the edge – See photos lower down. You will also need 2 pieces of iron on stiffening, like Vilene Heavy weight, and some oddments of fabric to make bias binding and rosettes.

To start: Cut your 2 pieces of base fabric into two 8inch diameter circles. Then cut your 2 Vilene circles 7inches in diameter. Iron on the Vilene to the wrong side of the fabric. Then fold over the excess edges to the wrong side and press. (See photo).

When you have completed both stiffened bases. Pin together with wrong sides facing and sew all round the edge of the circle. Add the bias binding to one side and sew, then turn the binding and sew into place on the other side (see photo). To make extra sure that the base is stiffened, you can sew ever decreasing rings of stitching, starting at the edge, until you reach the centre.

Now to make the fabric strips for the sides of the Bowl. Take a piece of 2.5inch fabric, placing the wadding along the centre and fold in the 2 long sides. Then fold in half and sew close to the edge of the strip (see photo)

When you have made sufficient strips in this way you can start joining them together. Firstly, set your machine to sew ZIGZAG. Take two strips and butt them together. ZIGZAG stitch them together along the centre making sure you catch both strips with the needle.


Repeat with the other strips. You will now have three sets of 2 strips. Then take 2 sets and butt 2 sides together again and ZIGZAG stitch them together. Repeat with the remaining sets of strips until you have made a wide ‘pad’ of fabric. You may have to trim the ends of the strips to make a straight edge.

Using one piece of contrasting fabric about 2inch wide, 1inch longer than the height of the ‘pad’,  attach to one end of the length and sew in place. Fold over the excess fabric at each end and then fold in the long edge of the contrasting fabric and sew in place.

Taking the bound end, start to wind it round the base, pinning as you go. When you get to within 4 or 5 inches of the end of the base, decide how much of an overlap you want  (about 2inches)– then trim off the end and bind in the same way as the start. Finish pinning in place. Hand sew the strip all around the base and overlap the excess strip to the front and sew in place.

Finish by securing the two bound ends. I made two rosettes with a length of contrasting fabric and a fabric covered button. You can decorate with the same, or just a couple of pretty buttons.

If you would like to make a Camden Bag instead of a Bowl. The process is the same, but you will need a bigger base and more strips. Handles could be made of a couple of strips of wadding-filled fabric and attached to the Bag with buttons or rosettes.