My coat There are snakes lurking in the grass won 1st place Wearable Art at Sandown 2018.
“Things are not always what they appear to be. A lovely path through the shrubs can be deceiving.”

I made this coat in the collage technique I really love.

Stage one of starting on such a coat is collecting the fabrics. A name always comes in a following stage or even at the end. I work intuitively and let the piece tell me where to go.

For this coat I used a garden- path-like fabric by Hoffman fabrics and all sorts of blues and greens for more foliage.It’s not necessary to only use cotton fabrics for this kind of collage. So I used cottons, synthetics and silks.

While working on the parts of the coat I thought it needed something extra and definitely extra colour, otherwise it would be really boring. I chose purples and hot pinks and needed to decide on a shape. Flowers? hmmm.

Then a proverb came to mind : There are always snakes lurking in the grass.

Well, in this case there was no grass, but I could certainly make some snakes.

I did some research on snakes and the way they slither and drew some snake shapes.

The snakes are crazy -quilted onto a piece of stabilizer and placed over and under the foliage.

I added some butterflies in the same hot pink for fun.

I stitch and quilt the separate pattern pieces without a lining first, then wash and dry them, trim  and then add a lining and stitch some more.

I made a collar of leaves to complete the coat.

And of course a nice lining! Here you can see a little bit of the gold coloured lining. Notice the red stitching of the snakes and the butterflies.

In Augus 2018 you can see this coat at FOQ in the Quilt Creations Category.