The funny thing about things that you know is that you think everyone else know them too!

Last week I packaged and sent of some wadding to a fellow blogger and when it arrived she got in touch to say what a great idea it had been to tie it up with a selvedge and that she was now going to save her selvedges to wrap up her Christmas presents.

This is something I have been doing for years, firstly because I am thrifty and don’t like to see things go to waste, secondly because having saved my selvedges for years I realise that I am never going to really make something out of them and thirdly it looks pretty!

So save your selvedges and use them to trim your wrapping and you can save money on by not having to buy ribbon!


  1. Sharon Reid

    I also wrap presents in fat quarters for those stitching friends and finish off with either selvages or ribbon, therefore nothing gets thrown away! Like you I think everyone knows to do this! Great to put it into writing for those who have yet to discover this wrapping method!

  2. Suzan Wild

    Like you I’ve kept selvedges for years, I often use them on fabric postcards to separate message from address sections on the back. Some I’ve come across have little pictures in the fabric colours (Lewis and Irene) and little quotes (Moda)