Everybody in the Netherlands was sighing through these last weeks.

Extremely hot temperatures, and very, very dry.

I heard from a lot of quilters that they didn’t produce much, since it was just too hot to hold the fabric…

And that was right.


I have this thing to do…

Already showed you in earlier blogs what I am making for my end presentation; and there is, of course, a deadline.

Now, I don’t mind deadlines. They make me focus better, and my creativity floats like crazy.

But stressing, diminishing self-confidence, a garden to keep, a household to keep, and that piece of 6 foot 10 who needs his dinner makes me feel stressed… Know the feeling?

In a flow, embroidering like crazy on this dandelion, and ALL of a sudden the door opens!

17.30 has arrived along with that hungry piece of 6 foot 10, and I didn’t even start with dinner…

Now I think I have the sweetest man alive: he starts the cooking, I finish my leaf, we eat and after dinner, he asks me how he can help me.

Welllllll, I need those thingies to hang my two endpieces on… I confess.

Before I know it I draw something, he takes over, and draws an amazing concept.

He did study construction, after all, before going IT-crazy!

That same evening he helps me with the gardening. All I have to do is clean up after his back.

You know that expression right? “When life gives you scraps, you make quilts!”

Did you know that that counts for gardening too? Look!

In the same weekend he takes me to the hardware-woodstore. I just LOVE those stores; the smell of wood, all those come-in-handy stuff that you see, love it.

He buys, I pay. And home again. Work to do.

He works his 6 foot 10 into sweaty oblivion in more than 30 degrees Celsius and in no time he makes an excellent stature to hang my creation on; I can take it in the car in three pieces, and even put it together without tools all by myself.

Next weekend he will paint this one, all shiny gold, and build the next one. I need two of them.

I just love my piece of 6 foot 10.

Can you tell?