Quilt Kits- Why I sometimes use them.

Well, my Quilty Friends I’ve sewn all my life and been Quilting for more than 20 years.

I’ve been to many a workshop and tried numerous techniques.

I have more quilting supplies than I would like to admit to.

And for a few years now I’ve been trying to reduce my Stash – this is where you laugh because as we all know a Quilters Stash is almost impossible to use up. Yes, I’ve tried many a Stash Busting Project, but the sad fact is there is always some fabric you need to purchase to complete these Stash Busting Projects.

I’ve also reached a point on my Quilting Journey where I no longer feel the need to do every part of the process. I’m not saying I’ll never do everything myself again. BUT. At this point in time, I’m becoming more and more drawn to kits.


Sometimes I just want to sew. Sometimes I don’t really want to make pattern and fabric choices, i don’t feel like all the prep. Sometimes I just want to sew.

So with this in mind, I bought two kits at The Festival of Quilts this year, and I’m thoroughly enjoying the stitching. I saw both the finished quilts at the Festival so I know I love them, and someone else had made the design and colour decisions and cut the fabrics. I get to do the fun part of seeing the quilt come to life as I stitch it.

The bonus is there is very little if any fabric waste to increase your stash size.

And, I can still put my own mark on the Quilt with my Quilting choices.

Here are some pictures of my Quilt Kit Progress.

I made up each square in a square.

Then stitched them in pairs, the pairs into fours and the fours I to eights.

Eight rows or eight square in a square block.

I tried out a number of various settings.

But finally went with this one.

So that’s the top almost complete. Next the quilting…

The kit I got was from


There are, however, lots of other kits available at the online Sew Motion Shop here in the website and of course from other suppliers.


  1. Louisa

    Hello Joy! I’m sorry I haven’t found your wonderful and very kind blog before now, I’m so happy you’re enjoying making up my All Squared Up kit in those gorgeous Alison Glass prints. And you’re right, sometimes you just want to get stuck in and start sewing, and pre-cut kits are perfect!
    Happy sewing Joy, I look forward to seeing how you quilt it 🙂 x

  2. Sue Burford

    Gosh, the kits are great. I would only be able to buy on line so I am wary about the quality of the fabric. (They don’t sell hem here in Spain in the Fabric Shops near me). Wonder which ones people would recommend?

      1. Louisa

        Hi Sue, Sewmotion is my baby, if you haven’t already guessed. The fabrics I include in the kits are top quality, mostly Makower these days to be honest. I will be adding more products to my shop on here very soon 🙂