Actually, he’s got plenty of time to sleep on quilts, he’s been on this one for so long that I still haven’t finished it nine years later.

And here he is again, on another. He just adores Liberty fabrics don’t you know!

No, he has plenty of time, but I have none, and it’s all his fault. Let me explain…..

I am a secondary school geography teacher. I started a website last year, with the intention of helping my students prepare for their GCSE geography exams. It’s called Geography Cat, and Sam (the cat) is its mascot and my pseudonym.

Over the summer I’ve added a new blog to the website, called Project Postcard. This project invites people to send the cat a postcard and when we receive it Sam and I sit down together and research a little about the place, or use it to connect the dots between different parts of the geography syllabus.  We write a blog about it and promote it through Facebook and Instagram. And we add a pawprint to Geography Cat’s Postcard Map:

Some quilty chums from the UKQU Social page have been good enough to send a postcard in already, and I cannot thank them enough, although I shall try: THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Project Postcard began at the end of July and six weeks later we have received 170 postcards, added nearly 800 followers on Facebook, and had 8,888 views online (numbers correct at 7.30am on 1st September). So, now you see why I haven’t been doing much sewing this summer “holiday”!

You might have encountered me at the Festival of Quilts if I asked you to “send a postcard to my cat, please.” Maybe I gave you a button badge, or maybe you’ve met Mike the Official Geography Cat Stunt Double:

Our target is 1000 postcards, to be written into 1000 blog posts, read by 100 000 people who are interested in finding out more about different places in the world and the geography behind them. If you want to help Geography Cat achieve this crazy-cat goal you can send him a card, follow him on Facebook, or read his blogs, or even all of the above. The sooner we can achieve this, the sooner I’ll be back at the sewing machine finishing that quilt he’s sat on!

We’ve even received a beautiful quilted postcard from the lovely Sue Burford. But all postcards are gladly received, it certainly doesn’t have to be made especially:

If you do want to send a card this is the address:

Geography Cat, PO Box 10716, Nottingham, NG5 0JW, UK.

And this is the blog:

And to those of you who have already sent a card but cannot see a blog post about it PLEASE CHECK THE MAP, that’s the first thing I do and the blogs take longer.

Thank you x