A Day Out – Whitby Queen Bee Quilters Quilt Trail

When I started quilting, I did consider if it was for me as I felt sewing was a rather solitary hobby – until I realised there is a whole community of quilters out there which can, and have, provided inspiration. As I’ve mentioned before, my first trip to a quilt show really whet my appetite to learn more and so when I heard about the Queen Bees Quilt Show in Whitby, which isn’t too far from me, I decided I had to go. In addition, I had seen online information about a Quilt Trail, where lots of shops have allowed a quilt to be put in their window, so I wanted to have a look at these too.

The quilt show was wonderful and I’ll share more later – suffice to say if you are wondering whether to go to any local show or not, just go! It’s well worth a visit.

But I thought I would share some of the quilts that are on the Quilt Trail.

I went to Whitby by train and as I was making my way to the Spa Pavilion, I spotted some quilts on my way. What a wonderful way of bringing the community of traders together! A list of all the traders exhibiting quilts can be obtained from the shops themselves but you can also obtain the list when you attend the show.

The organisers have listed the shops very helpfully under street names so once you find the street, you can then look out for the shops and spot the quilts. It’s a lovely way to explore Whitby and would also be a great adventure for children to spot the quilt!

I only had time to investigate one ‘side’ of Whitby and the photos here are only a few examples – there are lots more on this ‘side’ and  also lots to see over the swing bridge.

I was so impressed with all the quilts I saw – lots of different techniques being used and that’s one of the things that inspires me. If you have chance to get to Whitby, then make sure you spot the quilts on your walk round!



  1. Sharon Reid

    I so love the idea that this exhibition took with using various shop windows to display the work. Great that you enjoyed it, only wish I lived closer to have gone along to ogle at all the hard work on display.

      1. Sharon Reid

        Our local tv shop (a friend) was celebrating a particular anniversary for his shop and he had a few bits from my group for display in his window. It was a one off never even gave it a thought to do in many windows!! A great idea for others those to follow.

    1. Val Brooks Post author

      Thanks for your comment Sue – I did think it was a real novelty to see quilts in such a variety of shops and it certainly made me stop and look in the shop windows where I might have just walked on past!