Many of you will have seen on my personal page that I recently won Best of World at the World Quilt New England Show in the US with my quilt Silver Linings. Overwhelmed and overjoyed does not go anywhere near to expressing how I felt when I heard the news, and yes, I admit to shedding a few tears of joy.

For the past 12 years Christine Porter has been the British co-ordinator for the show, attending lots of shows in the UK as a talent spotter and organising the collection of all the quilts at this side of the pond and shipping them over to the US ready for the shows.  When the shows finish Christine has then made sure that they all get back to their owners safely, and a few months later it all starts again.

Christine has done a fantastic job doing all this for all this time, and a huge thanks goes out to her for this, but she has now decided to hand over the reins.  I am pleased and honoured to tell you all that Christine asked me if I would take on the role, and I have accepted.

Simple Sampler by Jo Colwill & Jan Whitehouse

I am therefore giving you fair warning here.  When you are at a show, with your fabulous quilts, you may be approached by a strange woman (me) who will then ask you if you have ever thought about entering your work into a show in the US.  Please be nice to me if I do 😉 

Tartan Tattoo – Linzi Upton

Of course I wont be able to get to every show in the UK, despite the fact that I would love to.  This is where you all come into it.  If you have a piece that you would like to send then you could contact me direct.  Or if you have a friend who you feel should enter their work, then please give them my details and get them to contact me.  I might also approach you through social media, so again, please be nice to me 😉

Spectrum of Spring – Annelize Littlefair

Entering the competition is easy, its a simple form to fill in, and there are cash prizes to be won, which is totally different to most shows in the UK.  After the first show, where the judging takes place, the quilts then go on tour, together with quilts from many other areas of the world, and are displayed at 4-5 more large shows to be seen by thousands of people.  It is a great way to share your work with the world and let others enjoy the products of your labour.  And you never know, I could be phoning you next year, telling you that you have won.  How good would that be?

Union Jack meets Log Cabin by Joy Salvage 

All these quilts were entered from the UK and all of these have been winners in one category or another.  If you would like to know more or you already have a quilt you would love to enter, then please contact me at [email protected] and I will be only too happy to chat to you about it.  It really is a buzz to see your quilts hung at these shows, so think about it.  If you don’t give it a go, you will never know.

Until next time, keep quilting, and let me know if you fancy going global 😉