Do you want to build a Snowman?

Yes, well I recently treated myself to a new Sizzix Die (But don’t panic if you don’t have a Sizzix Die cutter. I have a plan to include you too).

So, I have been playing with my new Sizzix Snowman Die.

I cut out a few Snowmen and played about with them.

Obviously Christmas springs to mind.

Now, should I make a Table topper, Table Mats, Christmas Stockings?

Then I thought, let’s start with something simple.

Something to hold my cutlery on my Christmas Table. I’m not too sure what they are called. Cutlery Holders Cutlery Pockets.

But mine, I’ve name Cutlery Sleeping Bags, because of how they look made up.

I think they may look and feel more like sleeping bags because I have used wadding. The wadding is optional, it’s just being a Quilter I reach for wadding without thinking about it.

So this Little Project is mainly Applique.

There are a number of different Applique techniques. For this project I used Machine Applique with a Zig Zag Stitch. Not a close zig zag which is called Satin Stitch, but a more open zig zag stitch. You’ll see what it looks like in the pictures and the video I have made for you.

So here we go:

For the ‘Sleeping Bag’

Cut out three pieces 16” X 5”

ONE in the ‘Main/Front’ Fabric

ONE in the ‘Inner/Contrast’ Fabric

And – this bit is Optional

ONE in Wadding/Batting (I like to use an 80/20 Cotton/Polyester wadding) but whatever wadding you normally use for quilting should be fine. The only thing I would say is that some of the 100% polyester waddings are rough and can catch on your feed dogs. And because You’ll be stitching with the wadding next to your feed dogs I would consider leaving the wadding out if you think it might catch on your feed dogs. The 80/20 wadding tends to be quite smooth and works well next to the feed dogs.

Next cut out you Snowman using your preferred iron on Applique method and small scraps of fabric. I like to use Heat n Bond Lite. The instructions for using it are usually printed on the wrapping.

Note the Snowman needs to be positioned with his head at the top edge of the Main Fabric, so he is the right way up when your work is folded later.

For those of you who don’t have the Sizzix Die. You can draw your own Snowman. They are pretty basic shapes. But you don’t feel able to do that, I have drawn a Simple Snowman for you.

My plan for a downloadable link for the Snowman didn’t work out. So, I have Posted a picture of my drawn Snowman.

To give you an idea of scale it’s drawn on an A4 sheet of paper.

He is five and a half inches tall with his hat, four and a half without his hat. And two and a quarter inches wide. But don’t stress too much about the shape of your Snowman – All Snowmen are built differently. As long as he’s no bigger than five and a half by two and a half inches he’ll be fine!

The Snowman is one piece. With his scarf, hat, nose and eyes cut out separately.

Arrange your Snowman pieces onto you Main Fabric and Iron into place. Keep in mind the eyes are what gives faces their expression, so play about with how far apart or near together they are until you are happy with your Snowman’s expression.

Now for the stitching. Below is the Video I made for you, showing how I stitched my Snowman.


Lay the Front and Inner fabric Right Sides Together with the wadding underneath.

Stitch around the outer edge about half inch in from the edge. I like to use my Walking Foot for this.

Click on the link below for more info on Attaching A Walking Foot.

Trim corners and turn through to Right Side, using a blunt turning tool (mine is a chop stick). Give it a press.

Lay your work down with the Inner fabric facing you.

Place a knife fork and spoon as shown below.

And fold up the bottom part.  When you are happy with how they sit,

simply stitch up both sides using a straight stitch.

Pop your knife, fork and spoon into their Sleeping Bag – stand back and admire your work!

Made up in sets of four or six they make a lovely Christmas Gifts.


Just make some up as a Present to Yourself x