I must start this review with an apology to Groves for taking so long to write a review – I wanted to showcase the ribbons in just the right way, and the project I chose needed some time and thought. I was delighted to be sent some ribbons – and when the box arrived I was truly excited. The ribbons are beautiful – the 12 Days of Christmas is perfect for the festive season. The hessian ribbon with copper foiled circles is ideal for the homely Christmas style that has been so popular in recent years. The last 3 ribbons to review are tartan, which are a perennial Christmas favourite..

The ribbons when I received them

These ribbons are very versatile, as can be seen by the project I used to show case them. They lend themselves to all kinds of projects where ribbons are wanted or needed. The 12 Days of Christmas ribbon has a cotton twill feel to it – but not as heavy as cotton twill. The colours used are bright, but not garish. It is lovely to see a popular Christmas song depicted on ribbon in this way. I sewed the cut ends with a straight stitch, but if the ribbon is going to see a lot of use, it would be better to turn the cut ends under and sew a ‘hem’, or to use a zigzag stitch over the raw edge.

The hessian ribbon has overlocked sides, and when cutting this ribbon into different shapes it is advisable to use a zigzag stitch on the edges. My sewing machine had no difficulty in sewing through the foiled sections, and the foiled sections did not deteriorate when sewn through.

See how the gold in the ribbons glints – as does the foil on the hessian ribbon

The tartan ribbons are lovely light ribbons, with edges that are as flexible as the centre of the ribbon. This makes them very pliable for manipulating into bows. The weave of the tartan ribbons is quite tight, but the lightness of them gives a sharp fold.

The tartan ribbons all have some gold strands in them, which gives a lovely sparkle when the light catches them – making them particularly suitable for Christmas projects.

For anyone needing ribbons for Christmas projects, these are great, versatile and a worthy addition to anybody’s ribbon stash. While I have used them in a book cover (complete with book mark), they could easily be used as embellishments for cards, embellishments for other fabric projects or to tie Christmas presents.

Thanks go to Groves for providing the ribbons for review. The ribbon stating “This took me hours to make” is from my own  ribbon collection, and the fabrics and thread are from my personal stash.