Silesian Quilt is a company based in Poland and is owned by Margaret Lehman, she offered to send me some of her ruler templates to review for the website. I had no idea what she was going to send me, but waited patiently for their arrival.

When the box of arrived I couldn’t help but smile, they were carefully packaged in a flat white box, with a large ‘Happy Quilting’ stamp in the corner. We were off to a good start before I had even opened the box. I was sent a selection of rulers to review and to do them justice I’ll write separate reviews for each.

I asked myself what makes these different to all the other rulers that are available now, not having seen them in operation prior to receiving them, I soon found out.

The FMQ Grip 5 is what makes them different, so today I’ll review this and the wavy edge ruler. These are sold as a set.

FMQ Grip 5
Wave Ruler

The FMQ Grip has an open area to the front so the ruler can fit around the needle area, You can see on the the open area that there are two semi circular notches on either side, this is where the wavy ruler fits. The ruler can be fitted into either notch and be positioned with the wave either facing to back of the ruler, or to the front. There also small dots on the base to help grip the fabric. The FMQ Grip 5 also has diagonal and inch lines engraved on the underside for help with the alignment of them. Many other 4.5” templates fit within this open space to allow a variety of shapes and designs to be worked. The wavy ruler also has engraved markings, showing straight and wavy quarter inch lines.

This is the first time I’ve used these rulers so I decided to stitch a series of small samples to see what they can do. I certainly wasn’t disappointed. The handles make it easy to manouver and comfortable to hold, you don’t feel the need to put any excess pressure on them, and they move very easily. This first sample shows a variety of uses for the ruler, I started in the centre with a simple wavy line, I used a lightly drawn line using a water soluble pen so I could align the markings on the ruler. This made it easier to keep the design straight, and was very useful when I stitched the second sample, this time I stitched a single wavy line, turned the fabric and move the ruler into the next slot and started stitching again. For the next strip I repeated the previous step and then I moved the ruler along and used the vertical lines to align with the centre to start stitching. This created a lovely cable effect which would look great in a narrow sashing. Finally I stitched the wavy diamond shape. So far I’m loving this ruler.

First attempt – very happy

On the pink sample I drew a few lines then started to stitch rows of wavy lines, then changed direction, this was a fun sample to work.

Loving this fun sample

I wondered if I could work flowers using this ruler, and the answer is yes. I marked diagonal, vertical and horizontal lines for alignment, I used just one segment of the ruler and worked from the centre out then back, next time I do this I’ll add two segments per section to create a larger flower design, and can see quite a lot of possibilities to make it even more elaborate.

Love this little flower

Next I moved on to the straight edge of this ruler, I’ve not done a lot of samples with this one,  but can see lots of possibilities for quilting blocks, sashing and borders.

This was fun

You may be wondering about the row of three petal shapes…. I like to see how much of these rulers I can use, this was done using the outer edge of the FMQ Grip 5, I used a piece of masking tape across the corner and used that to position the corner section on my drawn line. I doubt you could go any bigger than this sample, but it worked.

Finally you’ll have noticed the small circle which was attached to the wavy ruler with a Ball chain, I added a couple of sticky tabs on the back and stitched around the entire circle.

I used the text for alignment purposes

To round up my review, I have to say that for just over £20 you are getting a really good ruler system, most certainly value for money, when you see what I have been able to do in a few hours, I imagine there will be much more that can be done with them. A truly versatile tool to add to your gadget box. I can certainly recommend them, this is a purchase you won’t regret.

Please remember, when using rulers you must use a ruler foot that is suitable for your machine, don’t try to use these, or any other rulers without the correct foot. You can seriously damage your machine by not using the correct foot.

Thank you Margaret for sending me your lovely rulers to play with and review for our readers.

Watch out for another Silesian Ruler review coming soon. Look for the in the UKQU shop.



Carol Munro


  1. Mandi

    Brill review! Was debating on selling these but unfortunately for us, they can be got a lot cheaper than what we can sell them at! (Plus the fact they have been out of stock at our suppliers, which shows how popular they have become!)