I have reviewed Silesian Templates previously and if you haven’t read that review I’d recommend reading it before starting this one. In the previous review I explained how to use the rulers and the FMQ Grip.

You’ll find the previous review here – https://ukqu.co.uk/silesian-templates-ruler-work/

Margaret from silesianquilt.com sent me a 4 ½” heart template which fits inside the FMQ 5 Grip, and also sent a 4 ½” hexagon template. These are the ones I’m reviewing today, the hexagon template is in a separate review so you can refer back to either of them at any time, I haven’t used these before so this is a ‘warts and all’ review.

The FMQ  Grip 5
The 2 part template inserted in the FMQ Grip 5
The stand alone heart
The template ready for use.

The heart template comes in two sections, a heart in the centre but it also has an external section which fits into the FMQ 5 Grip which is used in my previous review.

I began with the heart template and stitched a simple heart, this was done with the outer template positioned in the FMQ 5 Grip, I stitched around the inner shape to create the heart design. I started at the top of the heart so was able to add a second heart above the first.

Two hearts  – add more by simply backtracking along a. Line of stitch. Easy to do with templates

I then stitched a single heart, again using the inner template. When it was complete I stitched another heart around it, I used the removable heart template which I placed on top of the first heart and stitch around the outside shape. This needs a bit more care as it’s easy to go off the ruler on the curves.

Both the heart and the internal section of the template were used in this sample

I marked horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines for my next sample which was started in the centre and I lined up the top centre point of the heart on the line and stitched inside the template until returning to the starting point, I repeated this for each of the 8 lines I had drawn. I love the floral effect I got with this sample.

I think this one is really pretty

I repeated the line drawing for my next sample and this time stitched as before but only on the north, south, east and west lines. I started the same as before the bottom of the heart in the centre point then worked around the four compass points. Once I had these stitched I moved the template so the the top point of the heart was on the centre point, I then stitched along the four lines that hadn’t yet been stitched. I was really quite surprised how this one turned out, definitely nothing like I had imagined. I could see hearts, but also circles and squares. I can see this one appearing quite a lot in my quilts.

A couple of wobbly lines, but that’s operator error, love how this one turned out.

I would never have bought a heart template before, I always thought they were quite restrictive shapewise, but can see great potential with this one. I’m really looking forward to exploring it further.

Margaret will be demonstrating her Templates for quilting at Festival of Quilts this weekend, please pop along and watch the expert demonstrating. You’ll find her on stand G20. I plan to go see her too, and am looking forward to seeing which other templates she’ll have with her, maybe I’ll see you there. Please say hello if you see me.

If your not going to be at FOQ you can find her Templates here in the UKQU shop also on her website www.silesianquilt.com

Carol Munro